Rush Limbaugh fights back

Rush Limbaugh has launched a t-shirt with the original flag of the United States and raises money for charity to boot!

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Known as the ‘Betsy Ross Flag’

This flag was attacked by

Colin Kaepernick

who attacked the US Sneaker manufacturer for putting the flag on it’s shoes

NIKI caved to Kaepernick and withdrew the line, because it offended him!

Rush and many others were so infuriated with NIKE

So He decided to do something about it

His answer was to produce a T-shirt that celebrates the Flag

He has teamed up with a post 911 organization who help first responders

This organization help 911 responders and others by paying off their mortages for the survived spouses and families

To Date that’s July 29 2019 Rush has managed to raise an incredible

$3 million dollars

for this amazing cause

Rush Limbaugh

Seat numbers in last election

These seat numbers should worry all Canadians 2 Provinces will give a virtual monopoly of Canada The great parliamentary system where more than 2/3 of Canada and Canadians are irrelevant

Maybe just maybe American’s might want to think about that

Liberal_Party_of_Canada2CPC logo NDP bloc


We are up to date

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EHR 567 Morning moment Fake climate change June 12 2019

So this piece is aimed at the biggest producer of propaganda in canada namely Catherine Mackeena who claims to be Minister of Environment and Climate Change

In other words fake news

So I came across these two piece a while ago but still feel they are very relevant

This person spews out her lies every single day Gerbals would be proud

Typical Saul Alinsky repeat lies often enough and soon they become the truth

But here’s the problem there places other then Canada that at present we Canadians get information

No I don’t mean the UK are you kidding they are so brainwashed it could be Communist China on this topic and many others come to that

Special report may 17 2019

A shrinking glacier that actually was growing

Downloaded in DOWNLOAD

Tuckrcarlson may 17 2019


Climate change farce

EHR 566 Michael Gove takes apart Jeremy Corbyn in Parliament speech June 10 2019

Intro link

EHR 565 ABC News Australia RAIDED by the FEDS June 7 2019

ABC News’ Sydney headquarters raided by AFP over Afghan Files stories


EHR 564 Morning moment The cost of ‘Free Speech’ June 5 2019

I was listening as you do well I do anyway Fox and friends this weekend Saturday June 1 2019 morning to be precise

A Time for Choosing” by Ronald Reagan

Just a side note that as of this piece this speech in its entirityy have been watched more 2.3 million times

All you CAN say to that is WOW

Here it is 10/27/64

A fight for ALL our beliefs not just those fluffy intangible ones

This fight, the outcome of which will shape our societies for not 10 or 20 years but literally hundreds if not tens of hundreds of years

EHR 563 Morning moment California Forced to Clean Up “Dirty” Voter Rolls June 3 2019

Facebook still blocks Ehradio


As of this date, I chose this date as it is the day to celebrate FREEDOM in America

Just in case you were in any doubt of the left wing censorship on this social media Platform here’s a reminder of the power to silence from the land of the first amendment SCARY STUFF Happy 4th (Dec 2017 and counting)

facebook blocks Ehradio2


Morning moment Facebook blocks free speech in Canada Dec 21 2017

"Exposing the lies and telling you the Truth! "

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