Is This legal? Bringing untreated logs into Canada

Wood crossing from US into Canada2.jpg
Picture Aug 8 2016 Entering Canada (cleared border in 30secs)

Due to the obscure and somewhat confusing regulations

I thought they WE (that’s you and I) could not import rough untreated wood into Canada as to quote someone in a forum on importing wood

wood products — if you have it, declare it, there is a very good reason why they ask about wood … it is all about what you can not see but may lay underneath, bugs, larvai and eggs, any of those that could be in the wood could damage our trees and plants native to your country. You could be fined really heavy for not declaring it and still have it taken from you. Declare it and let them ask the simple question is it finished, vanish wax etc. If it is finished you are nearly 100% be able to keep it but if they do a search and find wood and you have not declared it then the trouble begins .

In the near future all pallets and skids travelling across our boaders Canada to USA and the other way around will have to be be heat treated just for this reason. We have do this now for shipping overseas. Think ash beattle. and there are a few other bugs we have that were brought into the country.


Having spoken to a border person some time ago I was under the impression that you couldn’t I guess I was wrong!

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