28 Reasons why you can’t get what you want in Canada

O.k. you got me, there aren’t 28 but it feels like it

The main reason you can’t get what you want when you want it in Canada

is very simple ‘Bilingualism’ Introduced in 80’s and added to in the 90’s, in short it forces all packaging in Canada to be in the two official Languages. Doesn’t sound like much, but the consequences for the Canadian consumer are profound.

Here are just a few examples (but it HAS to be on everything!)

Starting at the Top left ‘Corn Flakes’ that wording just gets away with it but below that you will see ‘French’.

Next over is battery booster  – that clearly has the French in plain site.

Next some pain cream one side of the box English the other French.

Finally you will see a ‘US’ packaged product the most important aspect is that you can read it!

What difference does it make You say!

Well it’s very very simple all these on the surface just stupid regulations cost Canadians money! in other words adds cost.

But it’s far more than that! it’s choice!

Coming up next …. What’s choice anyway?

Next we cover what you can’t get in Canada and why the media in Canada block any conversation about it

If it ain’t French you ain’t having it!

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