The Liberal party Our Government


Now safely in the rear view mirror hear who they really are, and what they intend to do about your safety…

Ask yourself why is it more important, to bring in unscreened unknown people from a far off land, when all we know about them is that they are muslim not Christian.

Why is it that this Government refuses to concentrate on the real refugees who are at risk of being beheaded or shot or burnt alive or drownedScreen Shot 2016-08-11 at 2.13.08 PM

This episode introduces people to the newly elected federal Government of Canada. This podcast will expose the Liberals for what they are! They have no intention of maintaining free speech… rather the contrary, they are bound and intent to initially curtail it, but long term gag it, they are intending to change Canada forever.

Click on this link to hear this and other podcasts EH RADIO

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