Russian War Planes back in Iran (not since the 1940’s)

celebrating Air Force Day in Lipetsk






Barack Obama


This is good for the West why?

When you are asked to vote in November ask yourself who has the experience and who has had the wool pulled over their eyes!

by Adrian S

Putin as I have said before is doing what Putin does best, that’s while the west is distracted he acts.

Whilst a lot but not all western eyes are on Rio and the Olympic games, Russia once again makes a strategic move into Iran.

The President of the United States has distracted the American public by releasing once again known terrorists from Guantanamo Bay prison. All the time this is going on Americans are being distracted by the Olympics.

When and if and I say if ,(using a play on the baseball analogy) not until the US election has actually been run and maybe not even then, will we get to peak behind the Obama curtain which has been held so tightly shut by the US media for some 8 years.

The corruption and lies which have been such a staple diet by the US media, will then be revealed (hopefully) for what it was, a smoke screen, which to be fair WAS announced ahead of time, “to fundamentally transform the United States of America”. I think most people would agree that he’s done that.

Turning what was once a peaceful and forgiving Country into one that is divisive at every turn, be it politics or race or religion or education or any degree of income.

How sad that the potential that is ‘America’ has been squandered by small minded and selfish people, groups and organizations.

Finally I believe it was in 1994 Ukraine signed an agreement concerning it’s NUKES and security

There is article from Bloomberg

For a brief period, Ukraine was the world’s third-largest nuclear power.

It gave up thousands of nuclear warheads inherited from the Soviet Union in return for a 1994 promise from the U.S. and Russia not to use force or threaten military action against the newly independent nation, a pledge Russian President Vladimir Putin repudiated yesterday after his troops took control of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula.

So quickly we forget our new allies, kind of reminds me of another deal done in


look how that turned out.

When you are asked to vote in November ask yourself who has the experience and who has had the wool pulled over their eyes and are you safer now than you were 8 years ago?


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