Is this why they are so scared of Donald Trump

Could it be as simple as, he’s not one of them, not an insider doesn’t want power for himself.

Could it be then that they don’t want the United States to regain it’s strength and challenge the world view that China and Russia has.

Is it that he won’t bend to the Saudi’s or political correctness

Well is that he can’t be bought or blackmailed

No, No, I think it’s all of these things and much much more!

Check this video out yourselves and make your own minds up

Don’t be fooled by polls pundits and the main stream media do your own homework

Before it’s too late, like it is for

Canada U.K. France Germany Holland  Italy Austria Belgium Sweden Norway Denmark Ireland

And every day another Country gets closer to the point of NO return

Don’t let the U.S.A. be just one more!



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