PEOPLE TAX Canada’s new Carbon Tax

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Federal Liberal Communists Shoving NEW PEOPLE TAX down our throats


Never thought you would have yet another tax thrust upon you think again!

The Liberal Communist party of Canada is imposing yet another NEW tax

(They never tire of spending you money but NEVER theirs!)

They are imposing a NEW PEOPLE TAX in the guise of calling it a carbon tax

So I am assuming as all Liberal Communists do, they’ve test marketed the name and to all the tree huggers of Canada it sounds good and will so much for the environment REALLY!

We lets call it what it really is ‘A PEOPLE TAX

Why do I call it that, well its simple

  • Do you shop
  • Drive a Car
  • Eat food
  • Wear clothes
  • Entertain
  • indulge in recreation
  • Use a Bicycle
  • Walk
  • Clean
  • Mow the lawn
  • Have a pet
  • Repair your house

use another or all of the following

  • electricity in any way
  • water/well
  • Sewer/septic
  • gas to heat
  • gas or diesel
  • Wood to heat
  • Solar
  • Wind
  • roads
  • woods/forest

In other words every aspect of your life and you folks who live in Condo’s and think you are immune think again

If basic utility costs go up so do they for you, even if you live in an apartment block you use an elevator that will be taxed I kid you not

The upshot if this is your life is about to take a distinct turn for the worse


What can you do about it

The simple answer is nothing in the short term

The Liberal Communists in most Provinces in Canada are forcing the new ‘PEOPLE TAX’ down your throats and it does appear that the Federal Liberal Communists are also imposing their own ‘PEOPLE TAX’ as well

Furthermore make NO mistake about it ALL the parties (conservatives, NDP, whoever) are in favor of what they call a “Carbon TAX” but remember it isn’t it’s a ‘PEOPLE TAX’ a ‘TAX ON LIVING’

What sort of increase are we looking at, only a little right?

So we are looking at a minimum TAX increase of 30% they will try and play games with tax breaks but that is all smoking mirrors but at the end of the day you will have a total on average increase of 30%

But there’s a twist !

Its not 30% tax increase it will end up taking 30% of your NET income they will lie to you and say NOT true but they are NOT  taking into account one thing

MASSIVE inflation. All businesses by their very nature will try to stay in business so they will be forced to put prices up. Now the unions will try and fail overall to renegotiate  wage increases some will and some wont, but the result will be be a MASSIVE increase in goods and services as businesses try to stay afloat

Enter a captionIt’s not a’Carbon Tax’ it’s a ‘PEOPLE TAX’ a ‘TAX ON LIVING’


Well Longterm does not look good as with any interference with the free flow of goods and services it has a price and that price will be heavy. As with any pure socialist State when pure socialism is imposed on its citizens, the first and major casualty will be choice.

We are already seeing that in pretty much every aspect of our lives already and its going to worse.

One example and this is only one will be say in Telecoms as NEW technology comes out in the rest the western world that hasn’t chosen to destroy entrepreneurial spirt like Canada will start to leave us behind. it will start small,such as certain items will not be available in Canada, moving to they won’t work in Canada to the reduction of coverage and the merging of networks to a single network thus being controlled by government.

Another example and one that will have a more widespread effect is Food. Food choice will be reduced as the costs imposed by the ‘NEW PEOPLE TAX’ in Canada kick in and the decision by large foreign multi-Nationals not to ship into Canada begins.

This is just a foretaste of things to come. But you won’t be worrying about that so much because you’ll be more concerned about how you can afford to keep the lights on and keep warm and find anything to eat.

So I think I know what you thinking, we’ll just get a pay rise, problem is that the Liberal Communist Government of Canada has been printing money and raiding pension funds to pay for all their socialist schemes and the coffers are bare! Further more foreign investors already know this and the value of the Canadian dollar is declining. So even if you had a 100% increase in the longterm … sorry no good.

Why because  we are importing more and more and making less and less.

You may think this is ridiculous but its already happening just in Ontario alone

Don’t be that person who says nothing do something today contact you r MPP MP and fight

And always take not how your MPP and MP voted you can change this join me on twitter we can make a difference

It’s time think outside of the political box WAY outside! Don’t be a PAWN be a KING













Syrian Crisis what Crisis Obama



Thought for the day

Just listening and watching TV this morning I find myself following the UN security Council LIVE strange can’t recall that before!

I have said for a long while. Make NO mistake Obama has NOT gone until he has gone

And that I always believed that there was a distinct possibility that Obama would manipulate a crisis and thereby cancel the elections in November, Well lets see.


Rather than dealing with matters of state Obama is giving the appearance that Campaigning for Clinton is more important!

All the while dangerous events are occurring in the middle east. There is a crisis brewing in the middle east that could erupt at any time and he’s playing politics

What a leader anyone would think that he was the Canadian Prime Minister Not the leader of the FREE world

and that’s my morning minute

Thank you for listening

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Is this the beginning of another AD-Scam


Our illustrious leader is starting to let his hair down at our expense!

It appears that our Liberal Communist leader is letting his guard down now and showing his true colours just his election one, so gone is the  ‘WHITE’ and what are you left with, that’s right pure ‘RED’ Communist as in dictator!

Now He thinks he can’t be touched and is invincible, for some reason which escapes me, is under the impression that Canada’s Federal funds which as any normal human being knows is nothing more than collective amount of TAX  stollen from ALL Canadians.

This money He believes is HIS money , to do with what HE wishes!

Currently HE believes that is OK to spend OUR tax dollars moving in his personal smoke screen experts from the well healed town of Toronto to the well subsidized Federal town of Ottawa at our expense.

I believe the total spending runs officially at $1.1 million but Liberal Communists being what they are, its closer to $10 million and climbing.  In years to come we will find yet again the Liberal Communists will have had their hands firmly in the Canadian cookie jar.

for more detailed information you can find stories at these links but you get the picture








(Australian) Pauline Hanson calls for Muslim immigration controls in speech to Senate

This article comes from ABC news in Australia

The video from her maiden speech can be found here ABC news in Australia

What I am showing here is what this person has gone through and continues to go through

You be the judge but isn’t it strange that we have heard very little about this person and her views outside Australia as recently as Sep 20 I was on a very popular radio podcast in the US  cold war radio and they like me had never heard of her

So I intend to remedy this for good or bad

Listen this these links and also the ABC News one and make your own mind up and see if you think comparisons here are appropriate or NOT you be the judge

look her up on youtube while you still can!

After all isn’t that what free speech is about

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Canada to work with George Soros

According to CIJ News Canada has or is about to enter into an agreement with NON other than George Soros and the UN to bring into Canada and other Countries (yet to be defined) hundreds of thousands of Syrian of so called refugees AND others in

john-mccallum-photo-screenshot-cbcThis Prime Minister has raided The Canadian Retirement program and dam near bankrupted it, he given since he been in office, which I remind you was only last Oct 2015

Well over $1 Billion dollars on foreign aid , He has spent at least that again on bringing into and funding so called refugees into this Country and is expected to spend in the region of a further 10 Billion dollars over the next 3 years alone

All the while obliterating our ability as a Country to defend itself .

Canada will once again be relying on the fact that our neighbour and GOOD friend (though you wouldn’t know it the way they , the friend, have conducted themselves towards us these last 7 years) to protect us.

Obviously I speak of the United States, Why should they, all the Liberal Communists ever do is make snide comments about the US and how much better Canada is than them, We will See!

It does appear that the short sighted Prime minister is once again prepared to put Canadian citizens at risk for short term and long term gain he believes  at the ballot box

Call me cynical but we will see won’t we. All the while  Canadians driven by main stream media think they are living up to ‘Canadian high morals’

But I think they are being played

More on this article in depth at



Carbon Tax is GOOD for you! not a People tax

Liberal Communists Practicing their speciality of lying



Catherine McKenna


Ottawa Centre MP | Minister of Environment & Climate Change

The Liberal Communists are about to get heavy handed like their home Country USSR

This is the person in charge of of Introducing the NEW PEOPLE TAX

Disguised as a ‘Carbon tax’ which tree huggers think is good thing,the result is in fact a tax on your way of life

So how else would you describe it you are going to be taxed on driving, food, clothing,

Recreational, leisure, electricity, gas, cars, heating, cooling, train, planes, newspapers books, internet.

In other words every aspect of your life. Therefore it is a tax on living so therefore it is a PEOPLE TAX

You are about to have every aspect of your life destroyed. You can’t afford to ignore this, contact your MPP MP and ask where they stand so when the next election comes regardless of the system you can give them the answer to the pain you are going to suffer

Assuming you will be allowed to vote!

Liberal Communists are just lying this is a ‘people tax’churchill