Electricity Prices in Ontario Set to rise Again!


Steve Clarke Local MPP has been contacted via facebook and twitter @SteveClarkPC

Asking why can’t we have a map defining rural areas for the purpose of defining zones for Hydro One

I personally think it’s nothing more than a sham and con by Hydro one who has NO competition and therefore can charge whatever it likes

As the Liberal Communists control all aspects of our lives it seems that those who voted Liberal Communist in the last provincial election are about to experience exactly what they voted for.

csbgebzxeae8g2a With ever increasing prices we would like to suggest to all our followers that do not have a PC (Provincial Conservative) an NDP member or a LIBERAL that you contact them and advise them that they are at great risk in the next election if they don’t stop supporting this never ending price hike.

Putting it simply if they (the Liberal Communists) persist in their kamikaze approach to Ontarian’s life style then they are in very serious danger of becoming extinct in 2018

Finally for my PC friends, don’t think you are immune either, by going down the carbon tax route you have done your party NO favors  in fact rather the opposite…. be warned!



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