Carbon Tax is GOOD for you! not a People tax

Liberal Communists Practicing their speciality of lying



Catherine McKenna


Ottawa Centre MP | Minister of Environment & Climate Change

The Liberal Communists are about to get heavy handed like their home Country USSR

This is the person in charge of of Introducing the NEW PEOPLE TAX

Disguised as a ‘Carbon tax’ which tree huggers think is good thing,the result is in fact a tax on your way of life

So how else would you describe it you are going to be taxed on driving, food, clothing,

Recreational, leisure, electricity, gas, cars, heating, cooling, train, planes, newspapers books, internet.

In other words every aspect of your life. Therefore it is a tax on living so therefore it is a PEOPLE TAX

You are about to have every aspect of your life destroyed. You can’t afford to ignore this, contact your MPP MP and ask where they stand so when the next election comes regardless of the system you can give them the answer to the pain you are going to suffer

Assuming you will be allowed to vote!

Liberal Communists are just lying this is a ‘people tax’churchill


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