Canada to work with George Soros

According to CIJ News Canada has or is about to enter into an agreement with NON other than George Soros and the UN to bring into Canada and other Countries (yet to be defined) hundreds of thousands of Syrian of so called refugees AND others in

john-mccallum-photo-screenshot-cbcThis Prime Minister has raided The Canadian Retirement program and dam near bankrupted it, he given since he been in office, which I remind you was only last Oct 2015

Well over $1 Billion dollars on foreign aid , He has spent at least that again on bringing into and funding so called refugees into this Country and is expected to spend in the region of a further 10 Billion dollars over the next 3 years alone

All the while obliterating our ability as a Country to defend itself .

Canada will once again be relying on the fact that our neighbour and GOOD friend (though you wouldn’t know it the way they , the friend, have conducted themselves towards us these last 7 years) to protect us.

Obviously I speak of the United States, Why should they, all the Liberal Communists ever do is make snide comments about the US and how much better Canada is than them, We will See!

It does appear that the short sighted Prime minister is once again prepared to put Canadian citizens at risk for short term and long term gain he believes  at the ballot box

Call me cynical but we will see won’t we. All the while  Canadians driven by main stream media think they are living up to ‘Canadian high morals’

But I think they are being played

More on this article in depth at




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