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Question :- Canada opens its doors to welcome in refugees

People fleeing from persecution

People that are Supposedly oppressed and this is how they conduct themselves

Maybe just maybe we should rethink that spirit of openness ?


Do We have pay for Play in Canada


This article was originally published in September and was entitled ‘Refugees Coming to Canada’ I did at the time think that perhaps there was far more to this story than we could see.

How right I was! I suggested that there was far more in play than just refugees and in light of current activities that the Federal Liberal Communists have been caught engaging in

This adds more fuel to fire that I suggested that maybe votes were traded for refugees particularly when the number of Christian refugees is just a trickle

here’s the comment made in the original document shown below


Let me spell it out. I believe as do others, that deals were and have been done to buy YES buy the votes of large blocks of immigrants in our inner cities in Canada in exchange for guaranteeing that large numbers as yet undefined ‘refugees in to Canada’ and further guaranteeing them citizenship in exchange for their vote for however many years.

Now We have yet another example

For example that the Federal Liberal Communists are using their offices granted to them by the citizens of Canada as a cash cow to raise money for the Liberal Communist party of Canada

This is office Mr.Trudeau is on loan you do NOT own you are purely the custodian of it and you NOT have the right to treat it in such a manner

Once an Ad-scam always an ad-scam

There is more about this in the star link below

It’s not the price, it’s the principle of trading access for cash: Editorial


A very contentious subject

When you try and discuss this subject with anyone there is a clear polarization, not just in this Country (Canada) , but virtually every western one without exception.

I want to make a few points and start a discussion. I want to make it very plain from the outset that I/we are not fans of the left wing Government that has tricked the Canadian population into power, that having been said, there is obviously a need to protect SOME of these people in the middle east, however I question whether any government has the right to risk its own population’s security purely based on the blind faith. That to say we think we’ve vetted these folks and ‘there’s nothing to see here folks’

I beg to differ!

In the light of recent events in Europe, it is clear to most level headed people that terrorists have slipped through the vetting process and are likely to continue to do so. So ask this simple question.

Why take the risk, why expose Canadians to what you say is unlikely, but not impossible!

God forbid there was an attack in Canada would you stand up and say ‘I MADE A MISTAKE’

Would that be good enough for Canadians,  I doubt it!

Would you as the Prime Minister (the leader of this Country) do the honorable thing and resign as you and you alone would be responsible for that act.

These are questions that I hope we either don’t have to ask or answer, let’s just pray that it NEVER comes to pass.

Another solution

many people have said why not allow these refugees to stay in their own Country protected by the UN and other bodies

This seems to make more sense doesn’t it

We wouldn’t need to screen

We could look after their needs centrally

They could easily be relocated back to their original locations after the cessation of hostilities

The surrounding Countries  could more easily assist in their security and wellbeing

Surely it’s not the responsibility of Canada, Europe, US and other Countries only to protect and feed these people.

There are many rich Countries in the middle east who could well afford to do this, it does seem rather strange that we and other western Countries are having to carry the load.

Who are they?

Well based on what has been reported in the press both here in Canada and abroad the majority of these refugees are Muslim

I have to ask the question and I am sure others have asked this?

Is it not true that it is the Christians that are being burnt alive, beheaded, shot stoned and isn’t it that the churches are being burnt to ground ?

Am I wrong? So I ask why is it that we are not hearing about Christian refugees, could it be that the media are not covering this part of the story, ALL OF THEM!

Final question

Because we live in Canada and without Free speech I have to preface this by saying this is purely an observation

We live in a Country that is clearly going through some difficult times religiously and no one at present knows where it will end up, but it will NOT remain as is for much longer and that is a fact.

I make this observation

Muslims come to this Country seeking relief from persecution, quite rite

So why is it that those who come here and we assume they come from a muslim dominated Country, come here and from a Country that will have enforced Shira Law, forced their women to dress in a certain way and practice their religion strictly.

If you have come to Canada for freedom from persecution and freedom of religion

Why do you insist on trying to make Canada become the Country that you fled from?

It doesn’t make sense or does it!


It is this person’s opinion that the real reason for these so called refugees were to brought to Canada was NOT to help rescue them from persecution because that could have been done on the ground without need to relocate them.

But rather a far more sinister one. Everything in Canada is political and the last election was always going to be fought and lost in the urban grime of the inner cities in Canada and where did we find our illustrious leader at any given time!!!

Let me spell it out. I believe as do others, that deals were and have been done to buy YES buy the votes of large blocks of immigrants in our inner cities in Canada in exchange for guaranteeing that large numbers as yet undefined ‘refugees in to Canada’ and further guaranteeing them citizenship in exchange for their vote for however many years.

Of course this can never be proved as Liberal Communists never do anything for free!

Keep watching and listening we’ll be back!

Oh and by the way this can apply to the US just as easily and we don’t have the 14the amendment!

duable rresign

Bill Morneau warns of economic challenges

As TD report predicts slow economy could add billions to federal deficit

Bill Morneau warns of economic challenges as TD report predicts slow economy could add billions to federal deficit
My Comment
In just a few short months our debt has ballooned and our confidence as a Country has plummeted.
AS our illustrious leader is proud of say ‘CANADA IS BACK’ yes we’re back alright back in debt with value of our currency collapsing.
Their answer is to bring in more refugees we cant afford and more immigrants who think they are coming for a better life ….. Joseph Goebbels would be very impressed how Trudeau fooled the voters of Canada all 27.4% of them to win.

Minister of Finance Bill Morneau listens to a question during a news conference in Ottawa, Thursday, Oct. 20, 2016.

OTTAWA – A slipping Canadian economy, highlighted by another downgraded Bank of Canada forecast, could add billions of dollars to the federal deficit, as Finance Minister Bill Morneau is cautioning the government’s Nov. 1 fiscal update will show economic challenges have been greater than expected.

The day after the central bank lowered its economic outlook again, Morneau met with his Advisory Council on Economic Growth and released the panel’s initial set of recommendations on how to boost the Canadian economy over the long term, including creating a new infrastructure bank; creating a foreign direct investment agency; and dramatically boosting immigration.

Yet, staring Morneau and the advisory council in the face is lower short-term growth than expected in the spring budget and, what economists say, is almost certainly eroding federal finances.

“Yes, the challenges have been greater than might have been expected at the time of the budget. That’s why we took a factor for prudence and that’s why we are working today with this council to think about how we deal with those very real challenges,” Morneau, flanked by advisory council chairman Dominic Barton, told reporters Thursday in Ottawa.

Slower-than-expected growth in the United States, a rebalancing of the Chinese economy, and the fallout of the Fort McMurray wildfires are some of the challenges that have affected the Canadian economy, he said.






The poverty to come in Ontario and Canada



There seems to be a never ending stream of these evil people oozing out of the Liberal Communist party


From the Toronto Sun newspaper

It’s hard to think of a greater public policy failure in recent Canadian political history than the rise of energy poverty.

Ontario premiers Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne, via their 2009 Green Energy Act and other poor decisions, have pushed many of the people they govern into dire financial straits thanks to their activist agendas.

“They live as if it’s Cold War Russia,” Miranda from Toronto told me during a phone conversation about her parent’s energy woes. “They use a pellet stove and propane heating. They put construction-style plastic on the windows and extra insulation.”

“They’re considering using food banks this winter,” she said. “I work in international development in third world countries and I’m starting to see the stuff here that I’m seeing there.”

I’m wrapping up a 10-part series on all the hardships faced by regular Ontarians due to the runaway energy costs ratepayers in Canada’s most populous province are facing. The saddest stories involve dumpster diving for food, people spending their days in shopping malls to keep cool in summer, local businesses shutting down, people selling off their children’s RRSPs to pay the bills and so on.

But even the commonplace stories of retirees and low-income workers opting to go with little or no heat in winter is eerily reminiscent of tales out of Soviet Russia, to Miranda’s point.


Crowds and then there are Crowds

So I ask you, when you look at these pictures how can you take what the media reports seriously

One clearly is a movement the other not so much!


Picture Noah Gay CNN

Here is what you don’t see from the mainstream media that’s not just a crowd its movement




Picture from @chatrevolve

Crickets and there’s probably a weed whacker somewhere in the background



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Wood burning is carbon neutral




This is from the web site

Where they confirm what other experts are saying

So Trudeau Wynne and all the other Politicians of ALL stripes are lying to you !


Is burning wood really a “greener” way to heat or supplement the heating of your home? Well, to begin with burning wood for heat does not add to your individual carbon footprint. Wood gives off the same amount of carbon whether it is burned up or decays naturally and is considered Carbon Neutral. Next point to consider is that wood is a “renewable” resource. Unlike oil, coal, or gas – when we run out of those fuel sources, they’ll be gone for good. Wood harvesting techniques are based on a sustainable model, so wood will be there for us in the future. We can’t grow oil, but we can (and do) grow more trees. Another point to consider is the cost of production and transportation associated with the non-renewables. Over all, wood comes out looking good from a “green” perspective.