Taking Canada back to the stone age



Climate effected by SUN not Man


While Federal Liberal communists practice their deceit to Canadian Citizens on parliament Hill, claiming that they are Not about destroying Canada’s economy rather to save the planet

They have conveniently forgotten one small part of the equation. An inconvenient one at that, it is namely the SUN.

Correct me if I’m wrong and I’m sure you will (you know who you are out there)

We have absolutely NO control over the SUN but it appears that from various sources, that the SUN has had and continues to have a considerable effect on our environment and has done so for Tens of Thousands of years

So I think this Carbon tax is a shame a con being perpetrated on Canadian citizens.

This is not only an absolute disgrace but our citizens

Cannot afford the electricity in their homes while the smug Liberal Communists just sit back and laugh at you and your miss fortune

This winter and future winters people will DIE because they cant afford to heat their homes or have hot water

People will die stranded in the middle of nowhere because they couldn’t afford to fill their gas tanks up due to massive increase on gasoline caused SOLELY by the Liberal Communists

This winter when you see reports :-

  • People dying from cold
  • People dying from malnutrition
  • People dying on the side of the road because not enough gas
  • Children going hungry
  • And many other reports that won’t make it to the main stream media
  • Remember it didn’t have to be this way !

It doesn’t have to be this way

You can stop this, you have the power

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