FoxNews Set to smash Donald Trump Tonight

From Theconservativetreehouse

Rupert Murdoch Prepares Final Assault on Donald Trump – And Chris Wallace Debate Prep…

…The Real Battle, is For Your Mind

The key to unlock the transparently obvious MSM design is to continually remind your self of the phrase “corporate media“.  Corporate media represents the interests of the UniParty.  Corporate media fills a goal and agenda of Wall Street.  Always remind yourself, “Corporate Media“.

Rupert MurdochWhen you accept the clearly evidenced ideology behind the UniParty you also begin to understand the terms “conservative media”, or, “liberal media”, are programming distinctions only.  Both media wings are part of Corporate Mediain the same way that both Democrat and Republican political franchise wings are distinctions within the UniParty.

This basic understanding underscores what is about to become increasingly obvious a Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch (aka “Mr. Wall Street“) positions his media entities to target Donald Trump and remove the existential risk Trump represents.

You saw this begin a few days ago with the heavily manipulated NBC/WSJ post-debate, strategically timed, media polling release.  Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal aspect of this.

It was the knowledge that Chris Wallace was going to be the moderator for debate #3 that required us to tune-in to Fox News this week and identify just how far the executive team is positioning their entity toward the larger Corporate Media goal.

bill-oreilly egoIt didn’t take long to see where they were headed, when Bill O’Reilly announced on Monday the “post debate polling” would be released on Thursday.   O’Reilly is a generally good barometer for where Murdoch intends to go, because Murdoch holds all the leverage over O’Reilly.



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