Ezra Levant Appeals To Trudeau After Being Barred From UN Conference

Ezra Levant


The UN bans a Canadian Journalist who is well known and proven just because they don’t like the way he tells the truth based on facts not theories FACTS!

Question : Isn’t it called ‘The United Nations’ Not One closed Community

Or are they trying to hide something.

Why is Canada a member of this closed society, maybe we shouldn’t be. What do they have to hide maybe their facts aren’t!

Maybe we on the right have been correct all the time and it is a global agenda that they don’t want out until it’s a done deal!

Contact your MP and ask him to find out why a Canadian Journalist is being banned by UN from the UN?

The Canadian Press

Ezra Levant is hoping Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will go to bat for his conservative online publication The Rebel, after he says it was barred from a United Nations climate conference.

Levant says The Rebel applied for credentials for three journalists to attend the UN climate conference known as COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco, in November.

The application was made a month ago and he didn’t expect a problem, he says, because thousands of credentials are typically issued.

But when the response came about two weeks ago, it stated that the application was denied because credentials aren’t issued for advocacy media outlets, he says.

More The Huffington Post

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