The poverty to come in Ontario and Canada



There seems to be a never ending stream of these evil people oozing out of the Liberal Communist party


From the Toronto Sun newspaper

It’s hard to think of a greater public policy failure in recent Canadian political history than the rise of energy poverty.

Ontario premiers Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne, via their 2009 Green Energy Act and other poor decisions, have pushed many of the people they govern into dire financial straits thanks to their activist agendas.

“They live as if it’s Cold War Russia,” Miranda from Toronto told me during a phone conversation about her parent’s energy woes. “They use a pellet stove and propane heating. They put construction-style plastic on the windows and extra insulation.”

“They’re considering using food banks this winter,” she said. “I work in international development in third world countries and I’m starting to see the stuff here that I’m seeing there.”

I’m wrapping up a 10-part series on all the hardships faced by regular Ontarians due to the runaway energy costs ratepayers in Canada’s most populous province are facing. The saddest stories involve dumpster diving for food, people spending their days in shopping malls to keep cool in summer, local businesses shutting down, people selling off their children’s RRSPs to pay the bills and so on.

But even the commonplace stories of retirees and low-income workers opting to go with little or no heat in winter is eerily reminiscent of tales out of Soviet Russia, to Miranda’s point.



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