Carbon tax coming to your town real soon!

Bill 6 protest-12.jpg

Wake up Canada!

This is not a game its not something you see on TV and say that’s a shame I’m glad we don’t live there

ALERT you do!

The Liberal Communists the NDP and the Conservatives have been brainwashed by the UN Yes The United Nations to believe that WE yes WE in Canada must act to say the planet

They have lied to you to get control of you and your lives

For some reason and to be honest with you I cannot figure out even the Conservatives have been fooled

I want you to listen to this clip from the Alberta Parliament a province that is in complete collapse since to NDP moved in

Listen to the state they are in. This is what it is going to be like in the whole of Canada

In less than 2 years we will be as well off as Mexico without the climate

This Government for some reason is bound and determined to wreck the Canadian economy and YOU!


This clip is from via


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