Canada struggles economically to survive


America is about to receive a new lease of life Congratulations to them We in Canada face a very dark and depressing future

We congratulate them and despite some childish left wing socialist protestors who have the right to burn their flag

Everything is going smoothly for a transition of power in only a matter of a couple of months to go.


Meanwhile, here on the home front there appears to be battle lines being drawn. One Province is defying our illustrious leader and threatening to take him to court (good luck with that he’s stacked the court, so justice … not so much!)

Please don’t be in any doubt just because one of our provinces is fighting Trudeau, don’t be fooled they are still in favor The premier of Saskatchewan Brad Wall is in favor of a ‘Carbon tax’ just not this one

So We at ‘Eh Radio’ put it to you There are

A) Very few Politicians in Canada that have the guts to stand up

B) Zero parties in Canada against a ‘Carbon tax’

This you should find very sobering

We don’t have to accept this edict

It is time to start to fight back

If there is no party willing to stand up for you then perhaps the time has come

Perhaps it’s time you stand up for your beliefs, just because you don’t agree with the main parties in Canada doesn’t mean you’re wrong and they are right

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