Republicans Still want more and can’t do what they promised!


Sean Duffy Wisconsin


Well it appears barely a few days have passed before the Republician excuses start to roll out

The main one exposed here is this

It all started when they said nothing could be done about stopping Obama and the Democrats until they got control of the ‘House of Representatives’ CHECK

Then the next excuse was, ALL the power lies in the ‘Senate’ we need that CHECK

Next well of course we are limited because ‘The President’ has veto powers so we can do nothing FINAL CHECK

So now the latest is ” we can’t repeal and replace anything and can’t pass any NEW bills because we don’t have a ‘super majority’ so ‘Sorry we have to work with the democrats to pass anything’ Senator Sean Duffy Wisconsin

What about Harry Reid he didn’t seem to need any super anything same Nancy Pelousi

What he heckis going on!



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