5 days before ‘C-DAY’

Only 5 days to go before TRUDEAU forces his Communist AGENDA2030 on Canadians


5 days before ‘C-DAY’


In less than 5 days Canadian’s will have foisted upon them a tax increase unprecedented in Canadian history

Canadians did not vote for this communist regime to be imposed upon them yet

This outright Communist is using the democratic process to impose draconian taxes on all Canadians

A extra tax on

  • food
  • clothes
  • heating gas
  • heating oil
  • wood
  • Electricity
  • Solar
  • wind
  • execerise
  • toilets
  • toilet paper
  • cars
  • vacations
  • roads
  • rail
  • internet
  • newspapers
  • cell phones
  • shoes
  • butter
  • water
  • sewage

Even the air you breath

In short everything you can think of

If you think I’m kidding google Agenda2030






Trudeau in hot seat with Muslims

Despite protests from the Muslim Canadian Congress and B’nai Brith, it seems Justin Trudeau will be speaking at the Islamist convention in Toronto on Saturday, one that will feature a who’s who of Muslim Brotherhood supporters and pro-Hamas speakers from around the world.

Source: Trudeau in hot seat with Muslims

Canadian Seniors choose Eat or Heat while refugees get it for FREE!


Seniors and young families in Canada are being forced to choose between eating or heating


Seniors forced to go without Vegetables to pay electricity bill


‘CBC radio’ article

While this Liberal Communist leader of Canada is forcing Agenda 2030 on all Canadians

Thanks to the UN and his Communist buddy George Soros advising how push the socialist communist way of life on to unwilling Canadians

The real cost of their actions is starting to some home to roost

Real people are having to make decisions what to eat and even whether they can eat at all

or heat their homes

I have said this before this winter people will die because of their fear of being able to pay their energy bills

TRUDEAU and WYNNE will be responsible for these Canadian deaths NO ONE ELSE!

Meantime Our Liberal Communist Prime Minister is continuing on with his UN Soros backed program bringing in more and and more refugees

That are being given

  • and even FOUND JOBS

Tell that to the Millions of Canadians who can’t afford a decent meal or turn on the light switch

and Now they even have plans to go after Rural Canadians who are already being stung by higher electricity prices that Urban ones 

They have big plans to stop you using your wood stoves 

YES THIS IS AGENDA 2030 and you had better wake up before ‘GEORGE  ORWELL’ gets done!







This is an Unacceptable situation