5 days before ‘C-DAY’

Only 5 days to go before TRUDEAU forces his Communist AGENDA2030 on Canadians


5 days before ‘C-DAY’


In less than 5 days Canadian’s will have foisted upon them a tax increase unprecedented in Canadian history

Canadians did not vote for this communist regime to be imposed upon them yet

This outright Communist is using the democratic process to impose draconian taxes on all Canadians

A extra tax on

  • food
  • clothes
  • heating gas
  • heating oil
  • wood
  • Electricity
  • Solar
  • wind
  • execerise
  • toilets
  • toilet paper
  • cars
  • vacations
  • roads
  • rail
  • internet
  • newspapers
  • cell phones
  • shoes
  • butter
  • water
  • sewage

Even the air you breath

In short everything you can think of

If you think I’m kidding google Agenda2030





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