Alberta Carbon Dioxide tax will have spies


Is that right Alberta Carbon Dioxide tax will have spies watching YOU in Alberta Nazi Jack boot tactics if ever I heard them!


This is a TAX on living so how is that not NAZI like?

The tax that they are imposing on all Canadians and I do say IMPOSE is this

The so-called greenhouse gasses that they are worried about in particular is

Below is just some of the information that can be found on the benefits of carbon dioxide

I want you to listen to the whole report on what bad things can happen

When a SOCIALIST ideology gets hold of the English Langauge and distort something

It NOT Carbon dioxide anymore it’s CARBON and IT MUST BE STOPPED

and wouldn’t this be a great way to stop you having so much freedom!

The clip is from The rebel Media


But let’s be honest it does not sound so EVIL as CARBON does it!, Also you would be WAY less inclined to take seriously carbon dioxide wouldn’t you!

So by labeling it CARBON makes it sound dirty and bad for the environment

Here’s the dirty little secret

We need carbon dioxide to survive

definition from Wikipedia


  1. a colorless, odorless gas produced by burning carbon and organic compounds and by respiration. It is naturally present in air (about 0.03 percent) and is absorbed by plants in photosynthesis.

This is from a report

CARBON DIOXIDE The good news

Evidence for enhanced plant growth That carbon dioxide is plant food has been known since the publication in 1804 of Nicolas-Théodore de Saussure’s Recherches Chimiques sur la Végétation. 12 Thousands of experiments since then have shown that the majority of plants grow faster and larger, both above and below ground, if they are exposed to higher carbon dioxide concentrations

Present-day contribution of carbon dioxide to increases in crop yields If more carbon dioxide increases the productivity of plants, how much have crop yields increased so far because of carbon dioxide increases since pre-industrial times?

estimate of a 20–25% yield increase for a doubling of carbon dioxide levels since pre-industrial times translates into a 9–11% yield increase so far. Alternatively, a 34.6% increase in yield from a 300-ppm increase in carbon dioxide concentration, as calculated by the CSCDGC,† translates into a 15% yield increase due to anthropogenic emissions to date.

Impact of carbon dioxide enrichment on pests and weeds All crops are engaged in a battle of attrition with fungal parasites, insect predators and plant competitors, among other pests. Human intervention to help the crops prevail, using pesticides, genetic modification or by changing agronomic practices, is the main determinant of how much of the crop is lost. However, it is possible that carbon dioxide enrichment can improve the capacity of plants to resist pests.

Contribution of carbon dioxide to increases in biological productivity in unmanaged ecosystems As early as 1985, Bacastow and colleagues detected a steady increase in the amplitude of seasonal variation in the carbon dioxide levels in the northern hemisphere,4

The productivity of global ecosystems has increased by 14% in aggregate. Notably, all vegetation types have greened,46 including tropical rain forests, deciduous and evergreen boreal forests, scrubland, semi-deserts, grasslands and all other wild ecosystems, including those that do not even have indirect input of man-made nitrogen fertilizer.

And just to finish

I would like to know from you if you would like to hear longer podcasts

Some Yes some say No let me know Thanks

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