Republicans are not Republicans?



A secret plan (Not so secret ) to Introduce a ‘CARBON TAX’ in America!

CARBON TAX already in at least ONE STATE!

Vermont already introduced Carbon tax 

According to vtdigger

What H. 412 would do. There is nothing in the bill, introduced by Democrats David Deen of Westminster and Mary Sullivan of Burlington with 25 co-sponsors, that requires Vermont to wait until any of its neighbors levies a similar charge before imposing the tax.

Adrian Starkey (Ehradio)

It appears by all accounts that a certain element of the Republican party, which aren’t in fact Republican at all.

But maybe just maybe this  is the real face of the Republican Party in America

There they are waiting in wings, everyone was saying ‘No The Republicans Support Donald Trump and want to drain the swamp’

Well Can it be true that ‘key’ members of the party are in fact pushing the Republican party towards a ‘CARBON TAX’

Yes you heard right, it appears that prominent members of the GOP aren’t just in favor of this tax, they are pushing the Republican party towards endorsing the concept, even going as far as have to a meeting with members of the NEW ‘TRUMP’ administration.

Surely they can’t have seen the damage it caused in Australia, who were smart enough to repeal it in short order.

Do they NOT hear about the concern and anger that the same tax is causing in their neighbor to the north. By all accounts, its causing massive civil unrest and even talk of separation in some parts of the Country

Does the Republican party who has fought so hard to wrestle power from the Democrats not only at the Federal level but also at the State and local level, want to give it all away for something that has already been seen to fail so completely.

The result would only be anger and disgust with the Republicans and the Republican party, which is most likely to toss them into the wilderness of politics for 20 years if not more

I smell George Soros and the UN and Agenda2030, surely Americans are NOT that foolish to fall for this garbage that will result in exactly the opposite of what they were elected to do!


Here are just 3 links and I know there are more





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