Why are Non American Refugees flooding accross our border?

Today I want to talk about what happening on our border with the US

The President of the United states signed an executive order to protect them possible unknown threats

First of all, I congratulate him on doing his Job. Unlike our illustrations leader who most right minded and sane people in Canada think he (that is Trudeau) seems hell bent on destroying Ours.

more on my morning minute at spreaker.com/user/ehradio


Two versions of the same story But the bottom line is WHAT ARE THEY FLEEING FROM THE US FOR?

Manitoba town pleads for federal help with refugee influx

A small southern Manitoba town within sight of the U.S. border is pleading for federal help amid an influx of refugee claimants, including nearly two dozen this past weekend, who have endured the harsh prairie winter to cross into Canada.



Much more on this from at distorted view of CBC

Desperate journey

In the dead of winter, a Muslim man with a backpack and a bike snuck across the U.S. border into Canada. This is his story.

‘Everything was hurting so bad’

The biting cold, the tired limbs, the feelings of despair — all those memories came flooding back to Habib Zahori as he read the story of two Ghanaian men who recently risked their lives to sneak into Canada.

They had trudged for hours through waist-deep snowfields in -18 C temperatures until they reached an unguarded border. Cold and disoriented, they managed to slip across, but it was several hours before they were able to flag down a truck driver, who called 911.

Both ended up losing fingers due to severe frostbite. According to one of the men, if it hadn’t been for that driver, “we would have died in that snow.”

Zahori knows that sense of desperation. Just over a year ago, he made a similarly treacherous winter journey through the woods and across the border — partly by foot, partly by bicycle.




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