Soros up to his old Tricks this time in Holland



On his weblog, Dutch investigative journalist Carel Brendel yesterday published an article on the first beneficiary of a subsidy, given out by the Democracy and Media Foundation (SDM). Brendel aimed some criticism at the subsidy earlier, writing that while SDM announced it, it is really paid for by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF) and led by Maartje Eigeman, who worked for OSF. Brendel also writes that the subsidy is really another attempt by the OSF to influence Dutch elections: the subsidies, ostensibly to fight discrimination of Muslims, offered a ‘fast-track procedure’ for those that were focused on the elections. From this, Brendel concludes that:

projects that are not affected by election issues have much less chance of getting money, because the subsidies will already be partially drained in order to finance political activities against the PVV and Geert Wilders, or against other parties and politicians that are not to the taste of OSF and SDM.

With the first benefactor now known, it seems Brendel’s prediction was right. The winner is the Foundation Platform of Islamic Organisations Rijnmond (SPIOR). They will organise a National Islam debate in the Netherlands’ largest mosque, the Essalam Mosque in Rotterdam, which has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Wilders has been invited, but he already declined. As he has done before, declining to debate with members of the Dutch branch (FION) of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe (FIOE).

Brendel writes, that this affair seems to confirm his scepticism concerning the subsidies handed out by SDM and OSF.

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