Who is Sgt. Blackman?

Sgt Alexander Blackman ORG
Sgt. Alexander Blackman

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I want to tell you a short story about someone I think should never have been put in jail and I urge you all to look this up I will put links on my site, but what I want to get over in this short piece, is, that the people our soldiers are fighting are barbarians and we play nice and we play stupid ridiculous political games back where we are are suposedly safe and soundd while these heroes are stuck in some rat infested hole somewhere supposedly fighting to keep us safe and  we are more concerned about playing by our marquis of Queensbury rules than winning

Sgt Alexander Blackman: The case for and against the Royal Marine who murdered a wounded, unarmed Taliban fighter

In late May, J Company took its first casualties. They hit Blackman’s troop hard.

In a single bomb blast, his protege Lt Augustin and Marine Sam Alexander, 28, who had won the Military Cross on a previous tour, were killed. Others were maimed.

Horror followed horror. The Taliban displayed in a tree Royal Marine body parts torn off in another explosive blast, to taunt and demoralise the survivors — the kind of medieval barbarity that would surely be enough to test any man’s state of mind.

On another occasion, Blackman and his men had to hunt for a missing soldier who was subsequently found after being horribly tortured, executed and dumped in a watercourse.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3229984/A-shameful-injustice-Mail-fights-overturn-conviction-Marine-given-life-murdering-Taliban-heat-battle-shocking-flaws-trial-revealed.html#ixzz4bzOCvmkU 

Post-traumatic stress

It is hard to imagine the daily pressures faced by Blackman and the 15 men under his command as they performed their duties at Command Post Omar – a remote compound at the very frontline of the UK’s efforts to wrest back Helmand from the tyranny of the Taliban.

Undermanned and overstretched, the Marines lived for six months in a cramped mud-brick enclosure, patrolling for up ten hours a day and living with the constant threat of buried IED bombs and attack. Seven Marines from 42 Commando were killed during this tour and after one IED explosion, soldiers from the unit found body parts of British troops deliberately hung from a tree to taunt them.

On 15 September 2011, Sergeant Alexander Blackman pointed his 9mm pistol at the chest of a wounded Taliban fighter and pulled the trigger with the words: “Shuffle off this mortal coil you c***. It’s nothing you wouldn’t do to us.”

Unbeknown to the Royal Marine, his actions were recorded on the helmet-mounted camera of a comrade. In 2013, he was convicted by a court martial of murdering the unarmed insurgent – the first such conviction of a serving British soldier since the Second World War.

That this hugely experienced serviceman’s actions resulted in the killing of a prisoner is uncontested. But thereafter opinions about the nature of his crime, for which he is serving a minimum term of eight years’ imprisonment, diverge sharply.

To his supporters, Blackman is a “political scapegoat” whose lapse of judgment under pressures that would have crippled the steeliest warrior is being used to cover up the failings of Britain’s top brass in Afghanistan.

A psychiatric report on Blackman, presented only after his conviction, found that he and his men had been under near-intolerable stress. At sentencing, the court martial conceded it was likely the Marine had been suffering “to some degree from combat stress disorder”.

Campaigners argue that had this finding and other evidence been put to the court martial panel a different finding may well have been likely. Had he been found guilty of manslaughter, Blackman could have served around three years imprisonment and now been free.



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