Is this Canada’s version of ‘HOMELAND’?

Trudeau and Pitfield.png

If anyone of you has seen the latest series of homeland, This article is from CTV news this will make you think is this fiction or fact or some way in between

Because in Canada The Liberal Communist party headed by Prime minister of Canada ‘Trudeau’ just about to implement right out in the open the equivalent of the secret CIA internet bunker seen in the latest series of ‘Homeland’

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This technology has the ability to manipulate what you see and hear on your social media thus distorting what you think is really going on in Canada …. I call it propaganda  … what would you call it

The only saving grace we have is at present there is a republican in the Whitehouse that can control what data is fed to the north but let’s be honest it won’t always be that way even though we would like it to be.

Here’s part of the article and I will put a link on my website

One of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s closest friends is benefiting from an exclusive agreement between his data analytics company and the Liberal Party of Canada.

Data Sciences Inc, run by Trudeau’s boyhood friend, Tom Pitfield, is providing the party with “digital engagement” and support services for its powerful voter-contact database, Liberalist.

Neither the party nor Pitfield would say how much the agreement is worth to the firm, which Pitfield set up after his friend was elected party leader.

Pitfield’s wife, Anna Gainey, is the president of the Liberal Party and also a close friend of Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Gregoire. The two families vacationed together at the Aga Khan’s resort in the Bahamas over the Christmas holidays.

A spokesman for the Liberal Party of Canada says Gainey does not get involved in decisions involving her husband’s company.

“Our Party President has, and continues to, recuse herself from all decisions pertaining to Data Sciences,” Braeden Caley wrote in an email.

Two current Data Sciences Inc. employees are on the Liberal Party’s board of directors: Sébastien Fassier is the Liberal’s national vice president (French) and works as Data Sciences vice president of corporate services.

Mira Ahmad, the sister of the prime minister’s press secretary Cameron Ahmad, sits on the board as president of the Young Liberals of Canada and works as Pitfield’s executive assistant at Data Sciences, according to a profile of her in Power & Influence magazine.

“The volunteers who serve on the National Board, and Party staff, take all appropriate steps to eliminate any conflict of interest,” Caley said.

Pitfield denied that his party connections were a factor in his work with the Liberals.

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