48 Hours for UK to decide Communism or Captialism

UK election


The UK cannot afford to make the mistake that Canada has DONE

The UK is NOT a socialist Country

Do not be fooled into thinking there is money abound and the rich have it all

It never works like that

Corbyn is determined to keep Britain in Socialist Europe where they ALL have power or so they think!

Ignoring the ever present invasion of a complete civilization bound and determined to tear down the culture of the UK.


CORBYN wants to destroy the UK Military what’s left of, and turn into a glorified peacekeeping force

He will undoubtedly take Britain down the path of ever increasing taxes and disincentives to grow jobs

The Re-introduction of NATIONALIZATION of goods and services with a re-introduction and massive unions as there in North America with all the collapse that that brings with it

Listen to the podcast follow the links and be informed as to WHO JEREMEY CORBYN IS


Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 3.20.25 PM



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