Canadian Jihad in Toronto

Morning moment Jihad in Canada June 15 2017

(Canadian Tire Attack)

Canadian Jihad

This is really is an absolute disgrace

covered up by the MSM for some time and then massaged to seem rather innocuous

But make No mistake about this, This was an attack on ordinary Canadians going about their daily lives, nothing more nothing less.

I will put links on my website while they are still there

Listen to this report and please take note of how they removed any reference to the terrorist hallmark of shouting Allah Akbar

To give the impression that she was obviously not quite right or something

This was and should remain what it actually is, A terrorist attack on ordinary Canadians

Carried out in a national Canadian store.

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 10.06.29 AM

This should be investigated far more deeply, however, I have to tell you that while we are governed in Canada by the Liber Communists

There is very little chance of that as this is to put it quite simply their voting base for the next provincial and Federal election

And as I have said before nothing and no one will get in their way of holding on to power

Not even a homegrown terrorist attack in Canada’s biggest city which after all is the Liberal Communist heartland


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