EU wants mandatory refugee sharing

Morning moment obligatory sharing of refugees June 19 2017

Pressure to resolve migration crisis could tear EU apart

EU refugee quotas

This article was first published in Jan 2016 but I think this more relevant than ever

As so-called refugees are forced upon us using devious and underhanded methods

That are cold and calculating, with only one purpose in mind that is to implement through the back door

Agenda2030 without any real consideration of the long-term consequences for the western world

There naive belief or they would have you think that, Europe in particular and the West as a whole can absorb what is nothing more than a massive invasion with any long term effects

ALL because THEY MUST at all costs remain in charge

That alone should scare you in Canada we a Prime minister a party or dare I say ALL parties

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 4.22.13 PM

Forcing onto Canadians a MASSIVE population shift that will literally destroy the culture of Canada

Just so HE and his party can hold on to power

SO SHORT TERM THINKING rather than considering the welfare and protection and safety of Canadians

Remember this when you vote

Officials say Berlin and Brussels’ plan for obligatory sharing of refugees will trigger heated rows between governments

Berlin and Brussels are pushing for a major overhaul of European asylum policies as the answer to the EU’s unprecedented migration crisis, presaging bitter battles between national governments that threaten to tear the EU apart.

A package of interlinked proposals from the European Commission to be unveiled within weeks will call for permanent obligatory sharing of refugees across the EU as a result of scrapping rules stipulating that asylum seekers have to lodge their claims in the first member country they enter.

The rules, known as the Dublin regulation and dating from the 1990s, are widely viewed as dysfunctional and were abandoned by Angela Merkel last September when she promised Syrians asylum in Germany regardless of where they entered the EU.

The commission announced before Christmas that it would table a revision of the Dublin rules in March. In order to do away with them, there has to be agreement on how to share the refugees pouring into southern frontline states such as Greece and Italy. This issue is toxic and has already caused the biggest east-west split in the EU since the former Soviet bloc countries joined more than a decade ago.

EU officials and diplomats say the March proposals will trigger heated rows between national governments.

“The system does not work anymore. It was not designed for what we have right now, hundreds of thousands of refugees,” said an ambassador to the EU. “We need new rules. We need a new Dublin agreement. Relocation [refugee quotas] should be part of the package. But the debate will be very difficult.”

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