Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission

Ecofiscal Canada

Here’s  something I bet a lot of Canadians have never heard about

This won’t interest Americans because for some reason best known to themselves

They seem to have this idea that Canada poses NO threat to them

Let’s just let them think that (I can’t but many people can)

Anyway I have come across this website with the title

Canada’s Ecofisical Commission’

Now I don’t know about you but for me, two things come to mind the first is

What the heck is ‘Ecofisical’ have you noticed these Commies always come up with focus group tested words

Anyway I looked it up

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 9.42.15 AM

This is what I found and you can ‘Google’ it yourself

Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission[1] is an independent economics organization formed in 2014 by a group of Canadian economists from across the country.[2][3] Chaired by McGill University economist Christopher Ragan, the group seeks to broaden the discussion of environmental pricing reform beyond the academic sphere and into the realm of practical policy application.[4]

The Commission focuses on three major policy streams (Climate and Energy, Water, and Livable Cities). Key areas of research and policy include:

Carbon price

Energy subsidies

Water pricing

Municipal user fees

Congestion pricing

Landfill and solid waste pricing

So I decided to look into this ‘COMISSION’ further

Went to their web page which I urge you to do

and read it as far as I am concerned it’s just another Agenda2030 organization

For starters, I found on just one page the following UN garbage they spew

5 Reasons Canada Needs Ecofiscal Solutions

  1. Canada’s natural wealth is fundamental to our prosperity.
  2. We can do better.
  3. This is the smartest way to get serious results.
  4. This is a significant opportunity
  5. This is both our responsibility and our legacy

Then there is an Opportunity to click and read their report

Blah Blah Blah

Same old same old packaged up to be vital if you want drink fresh water and breath clean you know the drill

Finally and I know Canadians will appreciate the irony of this and so will Americans who border Canada alone the St. Lawerence

Of all the places to located YES you guessed MONTREAL and for those who didn’t Montreal Que Bec recently dumped a Billion gallons of raw sewage into the St.Lawerence which straddles the US-Canada border

How ironic maybe they should clean their own backyards before telling us what to do  YOUR THOUGHTS


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