Morning moment CTV News Question period July 12 2017

CTV New question period

Listen to “Morning moment CTV News Question period July 12 2017” on Spreaker.

Today I am going play a short clip from Sunday’s CTV news Question period program

Now for those of you outside Canada, I don’t think you can get this other than on youtube but what I want you to get from the this

Are MSM media breaking away from Trudeau are there cracks on his hold on suck up approach

Maybe, but surely I don’t have to point out the that we have another 2 years of his socialist crap to contend with

However, the consolation prize will be undoubtedly the dethroning of the Communist in chief in Ontario

Who has run this province as her own private kingdom

Isn’t it ironic what happened to the last Country that dethroned a royalty with strangely  enough 70 + years of Communist rule

An irony indeed

Liberal Communists hopefully will be swept from office but we can only not to be replaced by yet another type of dictatorship that being of the NDP

Democratic in Name only


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