Muslim cleric speaks the truth in Australia

Morning moment Muslim cleric speaks the truth July 13 2017


Imam speaks truth

“We have problems” Muslim cleric comes out and speaks the truth

what you will be listening to is just part of an interview conducted

Very recently between an ‘Imam Tawhidi’  and Dr. Jamal Rifi

Listen to what The Imam says in his own words about Islam

His own words

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 11.45.55 AM

And then ask yourself DO you trust the Prime Minister of Canada to keep you and your family safe

When they are bringing in thousands of clearly un-vetted people from Syria and elsewhere

Are telling me that Australia didn’t check them

And Now Our Prime minister thinks it’s cool to say we stand with ALL Citizens of this Country even those who murder our soldiers abroad

What a sad state of affairs that Canada would elect to the highest office in the land someone with so little honor

A sad day indeed for Canada


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