Morning moment Muslim Patrols in London? July 14 2017

Muslim zones in UK

I want you to listen very hard to this audio, it may take a couple of passes for you to get it

I will put a link on my website

But you will clearly here openly what I call thugs roaming the streets trying to enforce their views on how the citizens of the UK should act

Also where they should and should NOT go

Muslim areas? Is this what we have coming to our Countries

Where the police are either unable or more disturbingly unwilling to enforce the right of any citizen of free unhindered passage on their streets without the fear of intimidation

Where are the law officers where is the law

I put it to you or anyone if Christian groups or Buddhist Hindu or whoever was to act like this it would be stamped on very hard and immediately AND so it should

What are they afraid of it’s a game in every western Country appeasement

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 6.27.58 PM

Thinking that these undemocratic groups who have zero interest in obeying the laws of the Country they live in will somehow see the light

And here’s the key I think, and their distorted thinking, they think they are potentially going to support their political party and come into the fold on their side

Are they that naive, YES I am afraid they are!


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