Morning moment Czech Republic Plans To Arm Its Citizens July 21 2017

Czech Republic Plans Arming Its Citizens

The Czech RepublicScreen Shot 2017-07-31 at 7.32.15 PM Plans To Combat Terrorism By Arming Its Citizens

This is a very interesting piece that might have passed you by

It’s from the daily caller and I will put a link to it on my web site

The lower house of the Czech parliament voted to put gun owners’ rights in the constitution Wednesday, arguing it protects citizens from Islamist terrorists.

The European Commission passed stricter gun laws in December in response to a growing terror threat. The Czech Republic was one of three countries to oppose the changes, and it is now about to make it legal for citizens to use firearms to protect the security of the country.

“This constitutional bill is in reaction to the recent increase of security threats, especially the danger of violent acts such as isolated terrorist attacks … active attackers or other violent hybrid threats,” a draft of the bill reads.

Critics argue the changes will never take effect as European Union directives overrule the proposed legislation.

We will see won’t. We, How much power do the people have to determine their own destiny or have they already given it up the to that undemocratic body known as the EU

I will be doing a series on the EU in the near future stay tuned for that

Oh for Canadian Government that thought as much for their citizens

No hope in hell while the Liberal Communists are in control


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