Morning moment Paul Weston July 24 2017

Paul Weston


This one is very different because

I can’t say too much in Canada. because we don’t have FREE SPEECH

So all I will say is this

There is a Guy in the UK by the name of “Paul Weston” Paul Weston is the leader of a so called fringe party

He has been criticized and even arrested for Quoting “Sir Winston Churchill” in England can you believe it but he has made a couple of videos on you tube which I will put a link to because He believes like MANY odd us that his Country is being taken over and that the powers in charge are complicate as do we .

He like us does not have FREE SPEECH …. I hope you are beginning to see a pattern here.

Please bare in mind that the U.K. is supposed to be “The cradle of democracy”

But never the less this is where we find ourselves.

Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 7.37.28 PM

The similarities couldn’t be clearer

They don’t have the right to speak out

Neither do we

They don’t have the right to protect themselves

Neither do we

They don’t have right to own firearms (even to the extent for competitions they have to now go abroad to practice even for the Olympics)

This where we differ we can own firm arms to a point and the rules and regulations are so ludicrous the majority of Canadians cannot either be bothered or afford them

So in fact firms are restricted

So similarities are striking

With that in mind please go to my website later where I will publish the links

watch the videos pass them on and ask yourself are WE next!


“My name is Paul Weston, and I am a racist”

Paul Weston went off on pro-Muslim politicians and it was EPIC


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