My predictions

Whilst some of these predictions might at present seem somewhat wild

Let’s list a few crazy things that have happened in Canada in the last 12 months or less as of  Oct 2017

  • Target chain store opened up and closed up
  • Sears Folded
  • Highest prices in North America for Electricity
  • The Introduction of a Tax on Carbon dioxide (that’s what you breathe out by the way)
  • The highest prices for Gasoline in North America
  • The implementation of what is sure to be highest tax rate in North America when finished (A TAX ON CAPITALISM)
  • Open borders on illegal immigration
  • Collapsing value of the Canadian dollar and confidence in it
  • Increased borrowing to fund third world Countries in the guise of AID
  • The Cancellation of major 21st Century defense requirements
  • An Increase of so-called legal immigration with as of the US an emphasis on 3rd world Countries
  • The Complete implementation of Agenda 2030
  • Please don’t forgot the stopping of the east-west pipeline which makes Canada Energy independent
  • The shipping in of Foreign oil which increases our dependence on foreign countries and increases our costs over the US
  • Oh did I mention that US car manufacturers are getting nervous about Canada and could well shut down their operations in Canada
  • And of course, there’s NAFTA where Canada has been caught cheating marking Chinese good as Canadian
  • Alberta economy slashed and attacked by Federal and provincial Governments who worship the climate change GOD
  • And I know there’s more out there

AND ALL THIS IS IN THE LAST 12 months or less what do you think he will do by 2019?


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