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Liberal Communists up to their old tricks contd:-

Our Prime Minister not only is the most incompetent fool that Canada has ever seen, he doubles down on his non stop lying to Canadians.

Never in the history of a democratic Country can it be said that the leader of that nation of that nation been so wow-fully ill-equipped to do job for which he was elected.

Quite frankly it would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious.

It must be becoming clearer to a larger and larger number of not only Canadians that the current Prime minister and thereby its party, (The Liberal Communist party of  Canada), has no idea  how to conduct themselves as the duly elected Government of this once great democratic Country (or do they).

They are on a collision course for a catastrophe in this Country

The latest on the surface may appear to be a minor error, but does in fact reflect the Prime Minister complete cavalier attitude towards Canadian security in general and and specifically Canadians themselves.

No one really believes that He (Justin Trudeau) did not know the real status of his Cabinet minister Maryam Monsef, who has frequently been touted as Canada’s first Afghan-born member of Parliament, now concedes she was actually born in Iran.

More likely he chose to ignore it, like chooses to ignore the cry from Canadians to stop bringing in up to 1.3 Million unscreened Syrians.

Make no mistake they NOT refugees they are a means this Prime minister and this Liberal Communist Government to change the political balance of power in Canada for 50 years or more.

US population 300million about 60,000 refugees  my math may not be great but that’s 0.05% or less

Canada 36 million 1.30 million is approximately 3.6% increase in the population

Whatever the actual figure is, it is a far greater percentage of the Canadian population than the US

The real reason for the massive influx into Canada is clear but the implications for Canada’s future are less so.liberal-cabinet-retreat-20160821

The definition of a refugee

Refuge means shelter. So a refugee is a person that seeks shelter, usually from war, natural disaster, or some other harmful situation. If you see the conditions inside a refugee camp, you will realize how hard the lives of the refugees must have been before leaving home.The definition of a refugee

The definition of a refugee

Refuge means shelter. Not a fast track  to Canadian citizenship that many of the legal immigrants don’t or won’t have.

The main stream media in this Country refuses to address this issue and calls anyone who questions these or any other policies racists etc etc. as tries to the law to shut down free speech against ordinary Canadians who nothing more than express their disgust and outrage over this regime. Not only are these views and policies put forward by the Liberal Communist Government are somehow passed into law at great neck speed without discussion in Parliament.

The other point to make here is that, with very few exceptions the official opposition in Canada (The Conservatives) are for the most part in favor of most if not all of their Country destroying policies.

What sad state of affairs too see once great Country being destroyed one brick at a time and NOT a shot fired, all the while this quiet coup continues!

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