‘Control The Media Control The message’

media_advertising_marketingSo what does that mean?

Well it’s very simple

If lets say you wanted, just as an example you understand to control what was printed and what was reported on and how!

How would you in theory go about such a task in theory of course!

What I will set out here is a simple step by step process that you would need to follow!

Step #1 This is the most important of all of these remove any opposition

Example ‘The Sun News Network’ it is purely a coincidence that they ceased broadcasting before the start of the last General election (much more behind this that we’ll go into later

Step #2 Deny any access to media to distort your message

Step #3 make sure that you either control directly ‘The Media’

It is well known that certainly in Canada that all media here leans very heavily to the left

Step #4 Control – well there are many forms of control but in this case I am really referring to how the media frames things an example of this can be a) a favorable Producer b) a favorable jounalist or c) a favorable media outlet or finally d) all of the above.

Now if you fortunate enough to all of those options available to you, you certainly have reduced the odds that any other candidate has a hope of getting their message out.

Isn’t that the point!

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