Eric Allen Bell

Islamic Center of Murfreesboro  Tennessee

Journalist Eric Allen Bell

Today I am going to do a story on the subject which most upsets Liberal Communists in Canada However, these are not my words its a journalist by the name of Eric Allen bell I will put a link on my website under Is this a Muslim takeover

The only comment is why here in heart of the American Bible belt

There will be links as I said to Eric Allen Bell who was on FOX NEWS showing this video in its entirety from fox news there will also be a link to video from the now debunked SUN NEWS Network

Final comment You and build a church in Mecca and see how far you get because it’s a Muslim Country and we accept that so why do we have to accept them trying to control us and our way of life

Because the is only the beginning by now I hope you will have heard my morning minute on Enoch Powell and if that does not give you any pause for thought then I am sorry to say nothing will

How long will it be before We Canadians cannot talk about this HOW LONG!


I will put a link to that on the page also

Come on Canada WAKE UP before its too late

Islamic Center of Murfreesboro – Eric Allen Bel

Fox news clip

Michael Coren & Eric Allen Bell – The Cost Of Speaking Out Against Islam


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