Gas Prices

 by Adrian S for ‘Eh Radio’

Canadians pay more Eh!

Question: Why is it that we in Canada pay far more for Gas than Americans 

The price in Northern NY State as Aug 9 wasIMG_2275

Actual price paid at pump $2.09 a Gallon with a shopping discount IMG_2278

The actual price we pay in Southern Ontario is nearly a $1.00 a litre Nearly $4.00 a gallon US.

Now I know that the Canadian dollar has tanked and continues to do so, (subject for another time or listen to my latest podcast )

But it seems that every day our gas prices are going up and in the US the exact opposite seems to be going on

I for one am sick and tired of paying more and and getting less and less

So next time you gas up your car and cry or cross the border and smile ask yourself why!

and when you see or speak to your MP MPP you want to ask politely of course What the F??????? is going on

Now I said politely didn’t I eh!

Adrian S for Eh Radio





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