Kevin J Johnston

This is most likely the first Canadian to charged under hate speech laws in Ontario following up with Ontario’s version of M103

Kevin J Johnston


Section #2 of ‘The Charter” being bypassed and NOT a word said from the MSM

Rumors are rife in Canada as how embedded some of these radical religious groups are

Some say that they are embedded into the heart of the Canadian political system with an obvious eye into guiding and directing our laws to suit certain groups in our society

I can say no more as WE DO NOT HAVE THE 1st AMENDMENT here!

This is a subject that could be very dicey for anyone who is in Canada

For my American friends, I will put links up on my web site for this as soon as I can but there will be NO commentary from me or any one else in Canada I can assure you

Because unlike the US we do not have free speech in Canada and certainly don’t have the 1st amendment

I think Canadians were and are under the impression that ‘The Charter’ as we call does give us those rights

However, I believe very slowly Canadians are waking up to the fact that Canadians have lost that sacred right to speak out about any injustice that’s taking place in our Country

With that being said I want to introduce to you one Kevin J Johnston who has been charged with hate crimes by Canadian Provincial police probably to follow on with by the feds

When he was charged he wasn’t even allowed to say what he was being charged with

That’s how muzzled Canadians are. It’s shocking to me and should be to all Canadians that someone isn’t even allowed to talk about the crime that they are accused of

Now I read this short clip from The which I will to put a link to online along with other links

Please Google Kevin J Johnston and make your own mind up is this Canada or is it the start of a Northern Venezuela where decanting views are crushed

Are you about to see political prisoners in Canada is that So far fetched I hope so and that we can put an end to this totalitarian regime before it starts or who knows where it will end

Here’s the piece

Peel police charge Mississauga man with hate crime

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 11.25.14 AM

The charge comes after a lengthy investigation into numerous incidents regarding Johnston’s activity on social media

A Mississauga man who has been charged with willful promotion of hatred says he’s “not going anywhere,” and that he intends to run for mayor of the city.

The charges come after “a lengthy investigation into numerous incidents reported to police, involving Kevin Johnston and concerns information published on various social media sites,” Peel police said in a news release Monday.

Johnston, 45, was released on bail after a brief appearance in court Monday. The conditions of his release included an order to have no contact with three people, whose names are under a publication ban. He was also ordered to stay 100 meters away from any mosque or Muslim community center in Ontario, except for when traveling on the road.

Johnston, wearing a blue polo shirt and jeans, sat calmly in court as the details of the case were read in court.

Outside the courtroom, he was defiant.

“I’m going to run for mayor against Bonnie Crombie next election,” Johnston said. “She can’t stop me through the courts.”

Johnston does not have legal counsel yet. He will appear next Sept. 8.

Johnston has previously run for mayor and lost to Mississauga Mayor Crombie in 2014. He is best known for his strong views about the Muslim community, having opposed the construction of a mosque in Meadowvale, offered prize money for videos of students praying on Fridays, and protested against the federal anti-Islamophobia motion, M-103.


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