Mayor of the town of ‘Trent Mills’ Denied Cancer Treatment by Liberal Government of Ontario


Trent Hills Mayor Hector Macmillan

There are many stories that upset me, but by far this is the most egregious act of lack of compassion.

The Mayor of this town has in short, been diagnosed with what is considered in Canada Stage #4 pancreatic Cancer, however there is a very big twist to this!

Global News Morning Show Toronto

Elsewhere in the world which includes the United States and most of Europe it is considered (that is his condition) stage #3 and operable elsewhere.

It appears to me that the Liberal Communists are using the Canadian method of diagnosis as a smoke screen to hide behind.

The reason I have concluded this is simple, they class the method of treatment used elsewhere in the world as ‘experimental’ and by using that definition it is NOT covered under the Ontario health plan, therefore you slide into the next category ie Stage #4

I am sure most people know that means “Terminal” … he will die guaranteed

Let me ask everyone of you this question, What would you do -give up?

Of course not!

This Government is an absolute disgrace and the Premier in particular!

They are finding million of dollars for muslim refugees but not a single dollar for a Canadian citizen ,US$350,000 to be precise

I am putting links to various articles and to his twitter account

Please contact your MPP twitter facebook email whatever and the media this is a disgrace!








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