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Pacifist Imam Arrested on Terror Charges

Morning moment “Pacifist” Imam Arrested on Terror Charges June 26 2017

“Pacifist” Imam Arrested on Terror Charges in Spain. The New York Times once praised his modera June 26 2017
A Slap in the Face to Democracy

Morning moment A Slap in the Face of Canada’s Democracy June 23 2017

Now that Islamophobia has been condemned, this is not the end, but rather the beginning June 23 2017
Bilingual today

Morning moment Bilingual Today June 22 2017

There is one book beyond any other that makes ALL LIBERAL COMMUNISTS nervous. June 22 2017
germany seizes private homes

Morning moment Germany Seizes private homes for refugees June 21 2017

Germany Confiscating Homes to Use for Migrants”A massive attack on the property rights” June 21 2017
British Labour Party

Morning moment The real cost of Labor June 20 2017

While this is still fresh in all of our minds, I want to read to part of this document. It is entitled The UK Labor parties costs June 20 2017
EU refugee quotas

Morning moment obligatory sharing of refugees June 19 2017

Berlin and Brussels are pushing for a major overhaul of European asylum policies June 19 2017
Britain is the Enemy of Islam

Morning moment Britain Is the Enemy of Islam, June 16 2017

Contrary to popular misconception, Islam does not mean peace but rather means submission to the commands of Allah alone. June 16 2017
Canadian Jihad

Morning moment Jihad in Canada June 15 2017

This is really is an absolute disgrace covered up by the MSM for sometime and then massaged to seem rather innocuous. June 15 2017
Emerson Manitoba Morning Moment Emerson Manitoba Refugees from America? April 20 2017 This should open your eyes to what is really going on with our border with the United States and Canada April 20 2017
Scott Pruitt EPA Administrator

Morning Moment Scott Pruitt EPA America First April 19 2017

Today from Fox & Friends last week Scott Pruitt of the EPA. Talking about climate change not before growing the economy April 19 2017

Morning Moment FGM in Canada? April 18 2017

Horrendous story Canadian media to a point looking in on the US, Saying it couldn’t happen here! April 18 2017
Canadian Double Profits

Morning minute Double profits April 17 2017

Massive price differential in retail prices for everything very nearly between the US and Canada April 17 2017
Carter Page

Morning minute Carter Page April 13 2017

FBI obtained FISA warrant to monitor Trump adviser Carter Page So did James Comey’ lie to congress? April 13 2017
Christopher Hitchens

Morning minute Christopher Hitchens April 12 2017

Part #2 of debate
Tarkiq Ramadan Christopher Hitchin The second part of this is the rebuttal by a Christopher Hitchins who is Christopher
April 12 2017
Tariq Ramadan

Morning minute Tariq Ramadan April 11 2017

A very interesting character (who talks about among other things Shira law in Canada and the US) the only problem I have is which Tariq Ramadan am I listening to? Part 1 of a 2 part debate April 11 2017
European depopulation

Morning minute Europe Disappearing is this an accident April 10 2017

A sterile Europe apparently thought that civil liberties could be bargained away in exchange for a temporary peace. Everything became negotiable. April 10 2017
Obama hidden legacy Morning minute President Obamas hidden legacy April 7 2017 Former President of US ran on fundamentally transforming the USA April 7 2017
Trudeau and Pitfield Morning minute Trudeau benefiting from ‘Data analytics’ at Canada’s expense April 6 2017 One of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s closest friends is benefiting from an exclusive agreement April 6 2017
US Canada Morning minute Compare and Contrast April 5 2017 Compare and contrast a real life example of socialist policies in action US V Canada April 5 2017
Clean power plan Morning Minute ‘Clean Power plan’ effects Canada April 4 2017 Many political pundits in this Country have argued that it will not have much effect on us, But it will! April 4 2017
London Terror Morning minute ‘Kate Hopkins London NOW’ 2 March 31 2017 Welcome to London: We can say we’re not afraid,  we can’t go on like this April 3 2017
Trudeau Free speech Morning Minute Does Canada have FREE Speech March 31 2017 Free Speech in Canada a myth March 31 2017
Saul Alinsky Morning minute Are Canadians being played March 30 2017 Here are some clues to what is happening in Canada March 30 2017
small town Canada Morning minute Forced Death of a rural business March 29 2017 The Federal and provincial bureaucrats are destroying Canada enforcing UN Agenda 2030 March 29 2017
Bilingualism the true cost Morning minute Bilingualism Racist at its core! March 28 2017 Former Prime Minister, Pierre Elliott Trudeau  “Unilingual Anglophones will be sentenced to a lifetime of job immobility.” March 28 2017
My predictions Morning minute Predictions March 27 2017 Could this be Canada’s future, maybe March 27 2017
Tommy Robinson Morning minute Tommy Robinson Speaks at the Oxford Union March 24 2017 this gentleman has been described by many British politicians as a right wing racist denied permission to enter most Countries March 24 2017
Communist Trudeau Morning Minute Governor General March 23 2017
Prime Minister blatantly ignore and bypass the charter-is both illegal and unconstitutional
March 23 2017
Sgt Alexander Blackman copy Morning minute Predictions March 27 2017 Who is Sgt. Alexander Blackman? A Political scapegoat for the continued western failed policy March 22 2017
Dr.James Mitchell Morning minute PC is killing US! March 21 2017 Muslims using our own laws against us.  according to Dr. James Mitchell March 21 2017

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