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IMG_2275by Adrian S for ‘Eh Radio’ Canadians pay more Eh! Question: Why is it that we in Canada pay far more for Gas than Americans  The price in Northern NY State as Aug 9 was Actual price pa…

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28 Reasons why you can’t get what you want in Canada

O.k. you got me, there aren’t 28 but it feels like it

The main reason you can’t get what you want when you want it in Canada

is very simple ‘Bilingualism’ Introduced in 80’s and added to in the 90’s, in short it forces all packaging in Canada to be in the two official Languages. Doesn’t sound like much, but the consequences for the Canadian consumer are profound.

Here are just a few examples (but it HAS to be on everything!)

Starting at the Top left ‘Corn Flakes’ that wording just gets away with it but below that you will see ‘French’.

Next over is battery booster  – that clearly has the French in plain site.

Next some pain cream one side of the box English the other French.

Finally you will see a ‘US’ packaged product the most important aspect is that you can read it!

What difference does it make You say!

Well it’s very very simple all these on the surface just stupid regulations cost Canadians money! in other words adds cost.

But it’s far more than that! it’s choice!

Coming up next …. What’s choice anyway?

Next we cover what you can’t get in Canada and why the media in Canada block any conversation about it

If it ain’t French you ain’t having it!

The Liberal party Our Government


Now safely in the rear view mirror hear who they really are, and what they intend to do about your safety…

Ask yourself why is it more important, to bring in unscreened unknown people from a far off land, when all we know about them is that they are muslim not Christian.

Why is it that this Government refuses to concentrate on the real refugees who are at risk of being beheaded or shot or burnt alive or drownedScreen Shot 2016-08-11 at 2.13.08 PM

This episode introduces people to the newly elected federal Government of Canada. This podcast will expose the Liberals for what they are! They have no intention of maintaining free speech… rather the contrary, they are bound and intent to initially curtail it, but long term gag it, they are intending to change Canada forever.

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The Liberal Party of Canada


Liberal Party of Canada

Coming soon to our latest podcast ‘Liberal party of Canada ‘ Where do we stand and more and much more to follow!
There is a book that shows what their real plans are and the media will not cover it.
You are loosing your right to FREE unfettered speech using racism as a guise to shut down debate.
WE WILL NOT BE SILENT …. If they try we will pop up somewhere else.
Liberals really are Communists don’t listen to their words, look at their actions.
Time is very short.
Join us! on twitter at ehradiocanada and have your voice


Is This legal? Bringing untreated logs into Canada

Wood crossing from US into Canada2.jpg
Picture Aug 8 2016 Entering Canada (cleared border in 30secs)

Due to the obscure and somewhat confusing regulations

I thought they WE (that’s you and I) could not import rough untreated wood into Canada as to quote someone in a forum on importing wood

wood products — if you have it, declare it, there is a very good reason why they ask about wood … it is all about what you can not see but may lay underneath, bugs, larvai and eggs, any of those that could be in the wood could damage our trees and plants native to your country. You could be fined really heavy for not declaring it and still have it taken from you. Declare it and let them ask the simple question is it finished, vanish wax etc. If it is finished you are nearly 100% be able to keep it but if they do a search and find wood and you have not declared it then the trouble begins .

In the near future all pallets and skids travelling across our boaders Canada to USA and the other way around will have to be be heat treated just for this reason. We have do this now for shipping overseas. Think ash beattle. and there are a few other bugs we have that were brought into the country.


Having spoken to a border person some time ago I was under the impression that you couldn’t I guess I was wrong!

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