Liberal party of Canada

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The Liberal Party of Canada

Now they are safely in place. The elecetion in the rear view mirror

  • Who are the Liberal party of Canada

  • They are determined to cush free speech

  • The Canadian charter ignored

  • Quotos for French being introduced

  • Gaging the media

  • Carbon Tax introduced

  • Jobs Tax

  • and much much more

  • Terrorists treated better than Canadians

  • More refugees shoved down our throats

  • The old racist Liberal card played

  • Finally as with all Liberals our safety put at risk all in the cause of PC

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By Adrian S

Most dangerous Man in Canada by a long way.

There is No doubt in my that this party The Liberal communist Party of Canada, is by far the biggest threat to you and your way of life.

The Three Amigo’s (destroying Canada one province at a time)

Taxes have already gone up, and working in conjunction with the Provincial Liberal Communists  and other Provinces ALL user taxes have increased WAY BEYOND inflation.


So what does this mean to you and me?

Well to put it simply, the more user fees (taxes) for services which the average Canadian cannot avoid, go up you have less discretionary money available to you.

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California Muslim who killed grandparents: “Praise be to Allah who [ will ] in searing pain smite my enimies with haste” — Jihad Watch

It seems clear from his Facebook page that Nathaniel Scheiern, who killed and tried to behead his grandparents, was a convert to Islam, not just a rage-filled loser with a taste for Islamic State beheading videos. Entries on his Facebook page include semi-literate but unmistakable declarations of Islamic faith (the brackets are not interpolations by…

via California Muslim who killed grandparents: “Praise be to Allah who [ will ] in searing pain smite my enimies with haste” — Jihad Watch

Jeremy Corbyn deflects question on commitment to NATO under his Labour government — Defence of the Realm

As the battle for the Labour Party leadership intensifies, current leader Jeremy Corbyn has implied that he would not necessarily commit British troops to NATO in the event of a Russian attack. Despite being questioned multiple times at a leadership debate in Birmingham if as Prime Minister he would honour the most fundamental principle of NATO […]

via Jeremy Corbyn deflects question on commitment to NATO under his Labour government — Defence of the Realm

Has Multiculturalism failed in Europe… where else?

2 Articles come to the same conclusions

According to the British government’s Labour Force Survey (LFS), which were first published by the Times of London newspaper in January 2009, and later confirmed by Hansard, the official report of debates in the British Parliament, the Muslim population in Britain grew from 1,870,000 in 2004 to 2,422,000 in 2008, an increase of more than 500,000. During those four years, Britain’s Muslim population multiplied 10 times faster than the rest of society. By contrast, the number of Christians in the country fell by more than two million during the same period.

As Britain’s Muslim population grows, British society is being transformed in ways unimaginable just a few years ago. For example, Mohammed is now the most popular name for baby boys in Britain, according to new data released by the United Kingdom’s Office of National Statistics (ONS).

At the same time, Islamic jurisprudence is spreading throughout Britain at an astonishing rate. At least 85 Islamic Sharia courts are now operating in the country, almost 20 times as many as previously believed. A recent think tank study titled “Sharia Law or One Law for All” found that scores of unofficial tribunals and councils regularly apply Islamic law to resolve domestic, marital and business disputes, many operating in mosques. It warns of a “creeping” acceptance of Sharia principles in British law. The study follows the outcry over remarks by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, who has said that Sharia law in Britain is “unavoidable.”

Election Fraud: Is Britain Finally Waking Up To The Disaster Of Multiculturalism?

If ever you’ve worried that parts of Britain now resemble some hideously corrupt, Third World Islamic basket case hell hole then you’re going to loveSir Eric Pickles’s gloriously robust report on electoral fraud.


German asylum seekers refuse to work insisting ‘We are Merkel’s GUESTS’


ASYLUM seekers in Germany are refusing to undertake work to counteract boredom – using Chancellor Angela Merkel’s generous hospitality as an excuse.

According to mayor Bernd Pohlers of the eastern town of Saxony Waldenburg, the asylum seekers refused to accept the work that was offered to them after they arrived in the country.

The local council spent £600 arranging for the men to have uniforms but were stunned when they were told they would not complete it because they were “guests of Angela Merkel”.

While asylum seekers are not allowed to work under immigration rules within the EU, they are allowed to do voluntary work.

However officials in the district of Zwickau came up with a plan to help encourage those without employment to get back to work and to help them become more accepted within the local community.

In order to do this they created voluntary jobs which included a nominal payment of £18 for 20 hours work.

There is far more at the link below but this is NOT being covered over here at ALL

Why can’t this happen here!

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