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IT’S NOT your place Mr. Trudeau!

Morning moment UNRWA? who? paying for refugees Sep 28 2018

Morning moment A double standard on reporting facts Sep 27 2018

Morning moment A Month of Multiculturalism in Spain- Sep 26 2018

Morning moment Anne Marie Waters banned on Twitter Sep 25 2018

Morning moment Trudeau to silence RURAL Canada Sep 24 2018

Morning moment (short version) Liberal defection Sep 21 2018

Morning moment Trudeau wants to ban ALL Guns in Canada Sep 20 2018

Morning moment Jon Voight is an outspoken opponent of the left Sep 19 2018

Morning moment GOOGLE exposed Sep 18 2018

Morning moment Florida forced to produce Spanish ballots Sep 17 2018

Morning moment Nike “Just SAY NO” Sep 14 2018

Morning moment Weismann, Mullers chief aid linked to fake dossier Sep 13 2018

Morning moment Nafta negotiations Sep 12 2018

Morning moment (Sep 11 2001 That Day) Sep 11 2018

Morning moment Twitter shadow banning Sep 10 2018

Morning moment President TRUMP IS RIGHT cause of wildfires Sep 7 2018

Morning moment Germany: Rise of the Salafists Sep 6 2018

Morning moment London murder surge serious crime Sep 5 2018

Morning moment Women in boardrooms mandated! Sep 4 2018

Morning Moment US Canada borders wall or NOT? Aug 31 2018

Morning moment we need a radical anti-fascist movement right now Aug 30 2018

Morning moment FBI involved in framing The President elect Trump Aug 29 2018


Morning moment Part #5 Catherine McKenna Aug 27 2018

Morning moment Part #4 Catherine McKenna Aug 24 2018

Morning moment Part #3 Catherine McKenna Aug 23 2018

Morning moment Part #2 Catherine McKenna Aug 22 2018

Morning moment Part #1 Catherine McKenna Aug 21 2018

Morning moment CBC weigh-in US Politics miss by a mile Aug 20 2018


Morning moment The left attack but never answer Aug 17 2018

Morning moment Boris Johnson on burka’s Aug 16 2018

Morning moment Why Democrats like Blacks to be out of Control Aug 15 2018

Morning moment Raytheon girl scouts Aug 14 2018

Morning moment What’s at stake this November Aug 13 2018


Morning moment Migrant arrivals drop in Italy while they increase in Spain Aug 10 2018

Morning moment Finland ends universal basic income experiment Aug 9 2018

Morning moment FGM in London Exposed by EX Policewoman Aug 8 2018

Morning moment Canadian Businesses getting a break on Carbon tax Aug 7 2018

Morning moment Socialism Stewart Varney F & F Aug 6 2018

Whoops another one disappears NOTHING TO SEE HERE!

We tried again why don’t you!

Morning moment Bavarian Town says ‘NO’ to Mosque Aug 3 2018

Morning moment Admiral speaks out on Obama Aug 2 2018

Morning moment Stewart Varney explaining Positive US economy Aug 1 2018

Morning moment Illegal border crossing costs to Canadians July 2018

Morning moment Defending liberty in 21st century

July 30 2018

Morning moment The real face of Multi-culturalism July 27 2018

Morning moment The real cost of Canada’s refugees July 26 2018


Morning moment Canada lost it’s refugees July 25 2018

Whoops another removed!

Morning moment Hungarian Foreign Minister DEMOLISHES BBC reporter on open borders in Europe July 24 2018

Morning moment France- Freeing Extremists July 23 2018

Morning moment UK double standards? July 20 2018

Isn’t strange how videos showing the police in a BAD light attacking British citizens waving the Union jack is removed while others are still UP… Just sayin!

You’ll have to make do with the audio SORRY

Morning moment German the refugee crisis July 19 2018

Morning moment why I won’t conform July 18 2018

Morning moment Jacob Rees Mogg A prime minister in waiting? July 17 2018

Morning moment German MSM coverup? July 16 2018

Morning moment How McCain urged IRS to attack Tea party type groups July 13 2018

Morning moment Whistle Blower July 12 2018

Morning moment A Trotskyite tries to crush Business July 11 2018

Morning moment Brexit Crisis July 10 2018

Morning moment Democrats in Crisis July 9 2018

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Morning moment The Charter that was July 6 2018

The following is required for any alteration to be legal

Morning moment Brexit Freedom March July 5 2018

Morning moment Canada Proud FREE and equal? July 4 2018

Morning moment Dairy farmers in Maryland July 3 2018

Morning moment Canada DAY (not FREE) June 29 2018

Morning moment 57Genders Bans MR and MRS June 28 2018

Morning Moment Civil discourse June 27 2018


Morning moment Poland Signs Its Largest-Ever Weapons Deal June 26 2018

Morning moment MS13 invading schools could it happen here? June 25 2018

Morning moment Is the worm turning on Soros: Lets hope so! June 22 2018

Morning moment Doug Ford a GOOD future June 21 2018

no links

Morning moment Who is Melanie Shaw June 20 2018

Morning moment Tommy Robinson supporter cries and wails June 19 2018

Morning moment FREE SPEECH GONE June 18 2018

no links

Morning Moment Freedom of speech June 15 2018

Morning moment What the heck Canada! June 14 2018

no links

Morning moment Trudeau V Trump June 13 2018

no links

Morning moment Caolan Robertson warns of the future June 12 2018

Morning moment Whether I can believe the weather June 11 2018

Morning moment A view from Britain June 7 2018

Morning moment Perverting the Course PC NAZI Justice part #2 in the UK June 6 2018

Morning moment Kathleen Wynne times UP! June 5 2018

Morning Moment Trudeau lies about Canadians June 4 2018

Morning moment Perverting the Course PC NAZI Justice in the UK June 1 2018

Morning moment UK Trojan horse May 31 2018–6

Morning moment UK Government A STEP TOO FAR May 30 2018

The Overton window fact or fiction Jan 29 2018

Morning moment UK Conservative Government Abandoning Democracy May 29 2018

Morning Moment Tommy Robinson for Reporting THE TRUTH May 28 2018

Morning moment Can you TRUST Twitter? May 25 2018

Morning moment Things you over hear May 24 2018

no links

Morning moment FREE SPEECH in New Hampshire maybe May 22 2018

Morning moment Jason Kenney says what WE ALL THINK May 18 2018 

Morning moment Canada- Islamist-Leftist-Government Alliance Silences Free Speech May 17 2018

Morning moment 3 faces of PURE EVIL May 16 2018


Morning moment saving-america-from-the-radical-left-temporarily May 15 2018

Morning moment FOR BRITAIN explains who and what they are for May 14 2018

Morning moment Muller a Threat to Democracy May 10 2018

Evening Comment May 9 2018 LIVE

no text

Morning moment Trudeau Why he must be removed from office May 8 2018

Morning moment Robert Spencer in his own words May 7 2018

Morning moment The expert speaks out April 23 2018

Morning moment Certain activity to made Legal April 19 2018

Morning moment two_threats_to_freedom_of_speech April 18 2018


Morning moment American Politics and more April 17 2018 

Morning moment UK- Extremely Selective Free Speech April 16 2018

Morning moment The truth about FREE SPEECH in Canada April 13 2018

Morning moment Middle England Speaks April 12 2018

Morning moment Who monitors the Monitors April 11 2018

Morning moment Jeremy Corbyn The cost of Socialism Part #1 April 10

Rise, like lions after slumber

In unvanquishable number!

Shake your chains to earth like dew

Which in sleep had fallen on you:

Ye are many — they are few!”

Morning moment Bill C-75 Exposed April 9 2018

Morning moment The religion of PEACE April 6 2018

Morning moment GOD and Baseball April 5 2018

Morning moment Is Britain turning into a Police State April 4 2018

Morning moment TRUDEAU’s Economy heading SOUTH April 3 2018 

Morning moment Twitter bars FREE SPEECH Mar 29 2018

Morning moment Does Social Media have too much power Mar 28 2018

Morning moment Who is Andrew Sheer 18 months from an election? Mar 27 2018

Morning moment 57 genders TRUDEAU’s True colors Mar 26 2018

Morning moment Ex Muslim speaks out Mar 23 2018 

Morning moment Australia calls time Mar 22 2018

Morning moment Conservative organization being blocked by all Social Media Mar 21 2018

Morning moment The Charter is it real? Mar 20 2018

Section #1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society

This document was the 1700’s and this amendment came into law in 1791

The 1st Amendment Prohibits Congress from making any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances

Morning moment Radical Left GONE TOO FAR Mar 19 2018

Populist UK MEP Janice Atkinson of the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) parliamentary group slammed the British government in a press conference at the European Parliamen

Morning moment Tommy Robinson on Speakers Corner Mar 16 2018

Tommy Robinson youtube twitter

Morning moment 2018 Gender bender Commonwealth Games Mar 15, 2018

Morning moment U.K. puts U.S. Citizen in detention center Mar 14 2018

Paul Weston Video arrested for quoting Churchill

Morning moment The Jackboot of Trudeau Liberal Communists Mar 13 2018

Morning moment Who are these people behind the people? Mar 12 2018

Morning moment One Province fights back (maybe) Mar 7 2018

Morning moment Comment PC leader debate Mar 6, 2018

Morning moment UK Labour leader lies about contact with Soviets Mar 5, 2018 

Morning moment Mark Levin on Liberty Mar 2 ,2018

Morning Moment 70 year old man arrested under new anti-free speech law Mar 1, 2018

Morning Moment Canada’s hidden Socialism Feb 28, 2018

Morning moment Trudeau’s Not so Excellent adventure in India Feb 27, 2018

Morning Moment Rush Exposes Liberals Feb 22, 2018

Morning moment Germany being taken over by Gangs Feb 21, 2018

Morning Moment The Real Face of the Labor party Exposed Feb 20, 2018


Morning moment George Soros billions in the EU to undermine the nation-state Feb 15, 2018

Sorry Guys Video remove WONDER WHY?

Morning Moment California A NEW State? Feb 7, 2018

Morning moment Trudeau twilight zone Canada Feb 6, 2018

Morning Moment Who is Doug Ford Feb 5, 2018

Morning moment Trudeau Canada Pinnacle of socialism Feb 2, 2018

Morning moment US Immigration Anti White Anti Western Feb 1, 2018

One of many links Google Immigration_and_Nationality_Act_of_1965

Morning Moment The seeping of Communism Jan 31, 2018

Morning moment 7 days in May fact or fiction? Jan 30, 2018

Morning Moment The Overton window fact or fiction Jan 29, 2018


Morning Moment Rush explains Climate change Jan 26, 2018

Morning Moment Austria’s NEW Sheriff Jan 25, 2018

Morning Moment Obama speaks to Prince Harry Jan 24, 2018

Morning Moment NDP memo exposes Trudeau’s Agenda Jan 23, 2018

Morning Moment The NORM for UK Jan 22,


Morning Moment Sweden Hand Grenade CRISIS Jan 19, 2018

Morning Moment Is Sweden OUT Of CONTROL Jan 18, 2018

Morning Moment UK British Police Run Away From Attacker Jan 17, 2018

Morning Moment KC teacher attacked by Liberal Bigot Jan 16, 2018

Morning Moment Food Welfare? Jan 15, 2018!page=our-partners

Morning Moment Our World BBC view of refugees in Germany Jan 12, 2018

Morning moment British Multiculturalism Failure? Jan 11, 2018

Morning moment MP’s more important than Citizens Jan 10, 2018

Part #2

Morning moment Legal drugs at what cost? Jan 9, 2018

Morning moment People power in UK Jan 8, 2018

Morning moment Stewart Varney US Economy Fox and friends Jan 5, 2018

Morning Moment Alex Nutall exposes Liberal Communists Jan 4,2018

Morning moment Chain migration on fox & Friends Jan 3, 2018

Morning Moment Thought Police Jan 2, 2018

Glasgow police Twitter message

Morning moment Facebook blocks free speech in Canada Dec 21, 2017

Morning Moment The REAL redistribution of WEALTH Dec 20, 2017

Morning Moment Ex Muslim talks with Ann Marie Dec 19, 2017 

Morning moment Facebook shuts down Ann Marie Waters Dec 18, 2017

Morning Moment EORN trying to improve Internet Dec 15, 2017


Morning Moment Cold Enough (Climate change?) Dec 14, 2017

Morning Moment Another Foiled attacked in London Dec 13, 2017

Morning Moment Jayda Fransen Dec 12, 2017

Morning Moment Pat Condell comments on UK hate law Dec 11, 2017 

Morning Moment Is Sweden close to a failed state Dec 8, 2017

Morning Moment Trudeau embarrasses Canada again Dec 7, 2017

Morning Moment Inclusive Training GONE WILD Dec 6, 2017

Morning Moment Tucker Carlson Exposes hate speech is FREE SPEECH Dec 5, 2017


Location on video 26.23 through 32.37

Morning moment A Trip around the World Dec 4, 2017

Morning moment Ralph Goodale on ISIS Return to Canada Good or NOT! Dec 1, 2017

Morning moment Ann Marie Waters Updated Nov 29, 2017

Morning moment Paul Weston Joins with Ann Marie Nov 28, 2017

Morning moment Canada’s e-commerce doing it’s best Nov 24, 2017

Morning moment Germans Arming themselves Nov 23, 2017

Morning moment Sweden- A Qatari Protectorate Nov 13, 2017

Morning moment Christianity and the future Nov 10, 2017

Morning moment A gang of Muslim women who attacked a passer-by Nov 9, 2017

Morning moment Europe’s Out-of-Control Censorship Nov 8, 2017

Morning moment Lord Monkton Exposes Trudeau Nov 7, 2017

Morning moment Brad Wall Exposes TRUDEAU Nov 6, 2017

Morning moment Canadian Senate Committee on Muslim Brotherhood Nov 3, 2017

Morning moment (For Britain) Anne speaks Nov 2, 2017

Morning moment A view from Canada Nov 1, 2017

Morning moment Michelle Rempel TRUDEAU out of money Oct 31, 2017

Morning moment Shiny object M103 Oct 30, 2017

Morning moment Jeremy Corbyn Oct 27, 2017

Morning moment Anne Marie Waters in Stockholm (2016) Oct  17, 2017

Morning moment rigging the refugee system Oct 16, 2017

Morning moment 450,000 immigrants a year Oct 13, 2017

Morning moment Canadian government TV Oct 12, 2017

Morning moment Banned on twitter Marsha Blackburn 10 Oct 2017

Morning moment The fate of Europe Oct 6, 2017

Morning moment Big Brother is watching Oct 5, 2017

Morning moment The Amazon Affect Oct 4, 2017

Morning moment What socialists are! Oct 3, 2017–SQ

Morning moment Terror in Canada Oct 2, 2017

Morning moment Venezuela ‘Socialism in action’ Sep 29, 2017

Morning moment Bill O’Reilly speaks the TRUTH Sep 28 2017

Due to issues they won’t publish this link strange don’t you think SORRY! But you can find it if you are quick!

Morning moment Sir Winston Churchill on ‘Islam’ Sep 27, 2017

Morning moment attacked wearing a CROSS Sep 26, 2017

Morning moment Liberal Communists lost $2.5 Billion? Sep 25, 2017

Morning moment Trump Supporters ‘Wanted to Get Beat Up’ by Antifa Sep 22, 2017

Morning moment TRUE CANADIAN VALUES Sep 21, 2017

Morning moment Whistle blown On The Deep State? Sep 20, 2017

Morning moment Latest Bombing PC’ness Kills Sep 18, 2017

Morning moment Muslim Brotherhood in Canada Sep 15, 2017

Morning moment Finding Jihad in Jail Sep 14, 2017

Morning moment ‘A letter from Canada’ Sep 13, 2017

Just sent this to a friend in the US  – Thought that I would let you know about Trudeau our fearless leader.

Morning moment How Justin Trudeau’s Canada Less Safe For Jews Sep 12, 2017

Morning moment ‘Can do’ is back! Sep 11, 2017

A Canadian observation ‘Can do’

Morning moment India and China troops clash along Himalayan border Sep 8, 2017

Morning moment Germany fracturing? Sep 7, 2017

Morning moment Corbynomics don’t make our mistake Sep 6, 2017

Morning moment Another Female ER worker VIOLENTLY ATTACKED Sep 5, 2017

Morning moment Thought Police UK Sep 1, 2017

Morning moment Canadian opposition waking up to the dictator? Aug 31, 2017

Morning moment 76-page guide to cross Europe freely Aug 30, 2017

REVEALED: Inside the 76-page guide handed to migrants to evade borders through EU

Morning moment UK- Still Welcoming Jihadis Aug 29, 2017

UK: Still Welcoming Jihadis

Morning moment What the Paris Climate Agreement Was Really About Aug 28, 2017

What America Agreed To

Morning moment Haitian (latest Invasion?) Aug 25, 2017

Morning moment GOOGLE software Eng fired why? Aug 24, 2017

Morning moment 4 Syrian asylum seekers arrested Aug 23, 2017

Syrian Asylum Seekers Arrested for Filming and Molesting Underage Girls

Morning moment Michelle Malkin explains the left and ANTI-FA Aug 22, 2017

Michelle Malkin comments on the recent unrest in the US on Fox and friends Sunday edition

Morning moment warning against ‘No Go’ Zones” Aug 21, 2017

Morning moment Story with Martha MacCallum Aug 18 2017

Morning moment Dinesh D’souza (White Nationalism) Aug 17 2017

Dinesh D’souza foxnews

Morning moment Selling Out Pentecost Aug 16 2017

Selling Out Pentecost to Islam

Morning moment Ministers strip 150 jihadists of UK passports Aug 15 2017…/item/…orders/7-deprivation-orders/

SPECIAL Morning moment Identity Ireland & Anne Marie Waters_ ISLAMIC IMMIGRATION warning! Aug 14 2017

Morning moment Fears of ‘another Rochdale’ Aug 11 2017

Fears of ‘another Rochdale’ as police probe 180 child exploitation cases

Morning moment Violent criminals entering Canada from US thanks to TRUDEAU Aug 10 2017

Morning moment Britain’s economy to outperform France, Germany and Eurozone, says bombshell report Aug 9, 2017

Morning moment (May) in multicultural UK Aug 8, 2017

Morning moment Lee Rigby Murder threatens Jihad on Release Aug 7 2017

Morning moment Toronto house slump Aug 4 2017

Toronto house prices/Canadian house prices

Morning moment NY radio station caller Aug 3 2017

Morning moment Kevin J Johnston Aug 2 2017

Peel police charge Mississauga man with hate crime

Morning moment Sister and brother-in-law of London Bridge jihad murderer FIRED from Heathrow Aug 1 2017

Sister and brother-in-law of London Bridge jihad murderer FIRED from Heathrow “over security fears”



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