The Hon Gord Brown MP

This is how my local MP has spent his time

How did yours please let us know

While The Federal Liberal Communists are pushing through their draconian tax increases on ordinary Canadians

Taxes that will equate to what some people have said will amount to 21% Sales tax

This is what my local Federal member of the Canadian Parliament has been doing

There are Citizens of Canada having to choose whether eat food or heat their houses because they can’t afford to do both!

This is what just one member the official opposition to this Communist regime has been doing and I will add he is the chief whip


The conservative party of Canada is ALSO IN FAVOR of a CARBON TAX

These Federal parties are ALL in favor of the TAX, doesn’t that disturb you

CLIMATE CHANGE HAS NOT BEEN PROVED but if you listen to how they are all acting you would be fooled into thinking it had been

This gratuitous TAX grab by Federal Liberal Communists combined with additional Energy taxes exponentially  increasing base costs

Will result in the inevitable collapse of business in Ontario if NOT the whole the Country

There is only one TAX BASE, that tax base is you. Unfortunately Liberal Communists don’t get it and think it is a bottomless pit

TRUDEAU’s legacy and lets hope that’s soon will be to leave a Country mired in generational debt and massive unemployment and devastating poverty

What they inherited was a stable and well respected economy what they will eventually leave us is a shadow of what it once was 

How sad!

That also is disturbing!

WE here feel that its high time to call out ALL PARTIES on this Lie

I for one want to put all parties on warning, that if they do not back down


They need to reminded they work for us, not the other way round!



"Exposing the lies and telling you the Truth! "

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