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Who is Jeremy Corbyn?

The leader of the Labor party in the U.K. and wishing to be the U.K.’s next Prime minister

Jeremy Corbyn uncovered
Jeremy Corbyn UN-covered!

Listen to part of this report from the BBC which you can find on line (for now!) and I will put a link to it on my website

And if you only followed this as a guide you would think he was a nice guy who means well

However there is NO mention that he was a member of the communist party and that he wants to disarm the UK

Just a couple of small points

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Jeremy Corbyn’s election in September 2015 as Labour leader, at the age of 66, counted as one of the biggest upsets in British political history.

His re-election to the post almost a year later was not such a surprise but could prove even more momentous in terms of Labour’s direction in the coming years and the future course of British politics.

Seeing off the challenge of Owen Smith, who had the backing of the majority of Labour MPs, has made Mr Corbyn, for the time being at least, seemingly unassailable and increased the likelihood that he will lead the opposition into the next general election – scheduled for 2020.

If that is the case, Mr Corbyn will be a highly influential figure during one of the most important political periods of the past 50 years – as the clock ticks down to the UK’s exit from the EU following the Brexit referendum vote.

To his critics, he is almost a caricature of the archetypal “bearded leftie”, an unelectable throwback to the dark days of the 1980s, when Labour valued ideological purity more than winning power.

But to his army of supporters he is the only honest man left in politics, someone who can inspire a new generation of activists, and make them believe that there is an alternative to the neo-liberal Thatcherite consensus that has let them down so badly.

Communist Party tells its voters to back Jeremy Corbyn as it fields no candidates

While it might not be a political power house, the Communist Party of Britain has urged its voters to support Labour in the election as it confirmed it would field no candidates for the first time in its history.

Communist party vows to support Jeremy Corbyn as Labour manifesto chief’s anti-defence policies revealed

Many more references can be found online!

Iran’s Forward Operating Base against the U.S

Morning moment Iran’s Forward Operating Base against the U.S May 8 2017


Trudeau with Iran
Canadian Govt infested with Iranian’s according to Iran itself!


A left wing Liberal Communist Government who believes that China has a better form of Government than Canada, openly supports more un-screened (by world standards) of refugees undoubtedly coming here not to benefit Canada

Iran’s Forward Operating Base against the U.S

Iran’s aim is to use American’s northern neighbor, Canada, as a “forward operating base” for influence operations against the American government.

The Trudeau government has shown both past and present affinity for dictatorial governments. Trudeau himself said he admires the government of the Peoples Republic of China and their “basic dictatorship.” He publicly mourned the passing of Cuban President Fidel Castro. The statement made no note of the 60-plus years of dictatorship, and Cuba’s brutal suppression of human rights.

Among its teachings, the Ontario Jaffari Mosque’s school

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Police yet to act

Text Books in Islamic Schools

Currently, a number of full-time Islamic day schools in the Ottawa area are using textbooks imported from the Middle East. This means that the students are exposed to a version of Islam based on the typical Sunni Wahhabist sect popular there.[5]

This type of practice does not seem to be limited to Ottawa. In Toronto, a full time Islamic day school was the subject of a 2012 hate crimes investigation by the York Regional Police. The Jaffari Mosque (Shia), which runs the East End Madrassah (Islamic religious school), was found to be using textbooks imported from Iran. The teaching material was flamboyantly misogynist and anti-Semitic. The books contrasted Islam to “the Jews and the Nazis.”

The York Regional Police also found the following statement:

“Islam has allowed boys to engage in sports for one specific reason and that is to always keep them healthy and strong. But why should a Muslim be healthy and strong? Firstly, it is necessary to take care of the body because it is a gift from Allah. Secondly, so that you may physically be ready for jihad whenever the time comes for it.” (Level 7 Curriculum).

The same investigation also revealed that: “Girls should stick to ‘hobbies’ that prepare them to become wives and mothers.” (Level 7 Curriculum).

The East End Madrassah, one of three madrassahs operated by the Jaffari Mosque, founded in 1973, had more than 400 students when it was suddenly shut down in the middle of the police investigation.

A similar complaint was made about another Jaffari Mosque-operated madrassah in the fall of 2014. The York Regional Police have not yet responded to, or acted on, this complaint.“

suggested that boys should play sports so they can be “physically be ready for jihad whenever the time comes for it.” Girls, on the other hand, were told that they should “stick to hobbies that prepare them to become wives and mothers.

Iran and its Islamist regime is currently making a major effort to expand its footprint in Canada. Their aim is to use American’s northern neighbour as a “forward operating base” for influence operations against the American government. In a recent video, Hassan Abbasi, a leadership figure in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), was boasting about a “guerilla movement of Iranian agents living and working in the United States.” Iran, he says, is leading a clandestine army of potential martyrs within the US.

This does not seem to be an isolated event. Iranian diplomat Hamid Mohammadi said in 2012 there were many Iranian-Canadians “working in influential government positions” and called on others to “occupy high-level and key positions.”

Given Iran’s history of exporting violence and terrorism, that Iranians on both sides of the border are discussing how they are infiltrating North America should be of concern.

one final point that I want to make to my Americans friends is

That you can trust Canadians

but you can’t trust the Canadian Govt

Its not Canadians you want to worry about

But its the Canadian Govt you want worry about

Muslims in the USA want Sharia law not US laws

Muslim America

Morning moment Muslims in the USA want Sharia law not US laws 

Today I am going to play an entire audio clip but I want you to watch this video and I will put a link to it on my website

We are told in Canada that we soon, very soon will no longer have the right to FREE speech by that I mean the ability to criticize a religion which Cleary is at odds with Christian beliefs and the rule of law in Canada

But it seems the same does not apply to them. Listen and hear in their own words what they say and it matters not that they are talking about the US but rather the willingness for these people to obey the laws of the Country they are in!

Listen very carefully

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