Trudeau Is He a threat to you and your lifestyle?

By Adrian S

Most dangerous Man in Canada by a long way.

There is No doubt in my that this party The Liberal communist Party of Canada, is by far the biggest threat to you and your way of life.

The Three Amigo’s (destroying Canada one province at a time)

Taxes have already gone up, and working in conjunction with the Provincial Liberal Communists  and other Provinces ALL user taxes have increased WAY BEYOND inflation.

So what does this mean to you and me?

Well to put it simply, the more user fees (taxes) for services which the average Canadian cannot avoid, go up you have less discretionary money available to you.

A friend of mine once said to me “what they are doing is systematically getting Canadians from all walks of life to use up their savings to try and maintain their lifestyle and when they can’t anymore they will step in and then they will control you and the way you live”

Isn’t that Communism?

Food goes up, Gas up Utilities increase (we all know that)

You say “I know something else is coming, so  what’s next?”


What’s that?

Putting it simply, it’s a tax on living or as the Liberal Communist describe it, a consumption tax (a tax on what you need to maintain your lifestyle)

or Agenda21 here is a link to my podcast explaining in great detail what that is and we should all be very scared of it

I like to be fair and here is a Liberal communist biased view in favor of CARBON TAX if you think B.C. is doing fine you’ll like this

I live in Ontario, things are getting worse by the day.

But until Toronto starts hurting economically NOTHING will change. A glimmer of comfort is that house prices in parts of the suburbs are starting to falter but it is early days unfortunately.

It’s going to take, citizens of Ontario dying in large enough numbers this winter to force their Communist actions to the forefront of politics. We are very close to a situation this winter where millions and I mean ‘MILLIONS’ of Canadians will be forced to choose between ‘EAT or HEAT’.

Sad but true when this happens it will be a game changer for Ontario and Canada and these Liberal Communists will be exposed and the media will NOT be able to cover for them . You can follow me

“I tell it how it is not how they want you to to think it is!

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"Exposing the lies and telling you the Truth! "

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