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daily-mail-mexicoStarting Jan 1st 2017

Trudeau Carbon tax 

Trudeau is responsible for what happens in Canada

This morning I want to talk about a number things as quickly as I can

Top headline at the moment is Riots sparked in our partner in NAFTA, that’s Mexico


Think about that a NAFTA member is having riots in the streets

Mexico who signed up to the fake “paris agreement”

“Mexico has become the first developing nation to formally promise to cut its global-warming pollution, a potential milestone in efforts to reach a worldwide agreement on tackling climate change.

Mexico expects greenhouse-gas emissions to peak by 2026 and then decline, Environment Minister Juan Jose Guerra Abud said at a news conference in Mexico City Friday. The nation has pledged to curb the growth of pollutants 25 percent from its current trajectory by 2030.”

Fossil fuels are used to generate the “overwhelming majority” of Mexico’s electricity, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Hydropower supplied 11 percent in 2013.”

That is from Bloomberg news March 2015

This is the result

Politicians making decisions based upon fake science but never considering the real consequences to ordinary people

No one and I mean none should ignore this warning in Canada

It is both naive and ignorant to think that Canada is immune to civil unrest when someone’s very way of life is being threatened

The second point that dovetails into this is this comment from Trudeau

Here’s a clip from CTV News Trudeau talking about HIS CARBON TAX ‘which is a tax on living in Canada’

youtube video

So he is saying you can return all the tax then lets return all the tax and TRUDEAU pay it for his swanning  around at our expense how ridiculous and he knows it typical Liberal Communist 2 + 2 = 4 except in TRUDEAU math it == 5

finally and more serious than any of this

I will be putting this on my web site it will be under the tab name “security” later today

There is a picture an image I have taken from “google maps”


It shows Karlingrad for those of you who don’t know where it is and I didn’t

Putin has put NUKES there no one here in North America is talking about this

Further the US has send a number of special forces to this area

This reminds me of the best documentary series ‘A world at war’ ep #1

in it talks about a small area under the control of the league of nations after WWI and how they voted strangely to return to Germany in 1935 also,_1935


After this Germany recovered the rhine land which directly challenged the allies nothing was done (march 7 1936)

2 years later Austria was taken their wing etc

So look at the map look what surrounds it and if you think I’m drawing unrealistic comparisons what this episode and the whole series

I have to tell you and remind you of this quote which some people attribute to Winston churchill “those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

The fact is Britain is the weakest its been since preceding of 1939

US forces have been slashed as they always of the first truly Socialist  president of the US

Canadas défenses are in shambles

All these things are comparable to pre-WWII conditions

Russia was appeased over Georgia and ignored over Crimea

Look at this map I have been saying for a long long time we are exposed

YET our Government is distracted by destroying the unfrasture of our Country to support a fake religion of ‘climate change’

Same with Barak huseeenn Obama

ALL the while ONE country One country ignores their cries to support their fake science and is concentrating on something far more sinister

very reminiscent of 1939 I am afraid to say

This time we don’t have the luxury of time or can ill afford a Socialist at best and communist at worst in power in Canada




The Canadian Government has imposed on Canadian Citizens the most draconian tax increase in living memory


They use buzz words (made up to sound good cleaver about their fake tax) which are bull crap

Trudeau and his liberal communists are forcing on to Canadian’s a level of taxation unprecedented to this point

Let’s be clear the reason they use this, is to save the climate but that is a complete ‘CROCK’

The REAL reason is to control you

I have said this before but I will keep saying this until you all get it.

This is AGENDA2030

They want to control every aspect of your life.

If you don’t believe me look it up

Trudeau is working in conjunction with George Soros and the UN to control every aspect of your life

TRUDEAU and his Liberal Communist party is also controlled by very powerful organizations such as ‘The power Corporation of Canada‘ and others

How do they control my life you say, if you want an example see how the EU in Europe controls every aspect of their lives including but not limited to reducing the power of vacuum cleaners due to a regulation introduced (I will put link a link up to a video that shows how Europeans are controlled by a very small number of unelected Bureaucrats

The UN have introduced at the local level all aspects of AGENDA21 now are implementing AGENDA2030

Trudeau is about destroying the very culture of Canada and rebuilding Canada as third world Muslim French culture he cares nothing for you just total control

But be in no doubt the Conservatives are NOT much different they are also slaves to PC garbage and have no qualms in saying they also support charging you for bogus carbon tax

Several Countries have already repealed it, yet Our Communist leader is totally ignoring the facts

SO that tells me and it should tell you that something else is in play and there is!

Go to this page and you will see  AGENDA2030 and do your own homework

We will give you more as we have as long as we can post it. They don’t want you to know the truth

You will never find it on any Canadian network


The first rule of propaganda!


"Exposing the lies and telling you the Truth! "

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