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EHR #5 Carbon Tax / People tax

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EHR #15 NAFTA Now and then Part #1

Origins of NAFTA: Ronald Reagan and the North American Union
Cavanaugh’s Corner: NAFTA and Bordertowns (Nov. 1994)
Ross Perot in 1992 on NAFTA and the “Giant Sucking Sound”
Noam Chomsky Interview on NAFTA, Reagan,etc (1993)
History of NAFTA and Its Purpose
United We Fall – Full Film
Why Are Jobs Moving to Mexico? (Fox Business)

Ehradio Show links

EHR #14 The Liberal party of Canada (who are they?)

5 Things consumers need to know about liberal Majority
2015 election speech We’re back
outlook-looks-bleaker Risks to Canadian economy pile up
The Canadian Forces are heading toward another decade of darkness
Defence budget battle on as Liberals claim spending to hit historical low


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